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  1. If you’re Active you’ll only fly the Mike at the school and then do a Lima transition at your unit if you get placed at a Lima unit. NG will fly whatever they were slotted for by their state(I believe this is true for reservists as well).
  2. "PFHLO - Path Finders Have Little Ovaries" Lmao, glad I'm not the only one who changed it back to this. I think at the school house they said Organs. The more crude the mnemonic, the more likely you are to retain the knowledge. Edit: For Special Use Airspace, if you combine non-regulatory and regulatory, you can use MCWRAP as an mnemonic. Edit 2: "What are the 2 classifications of aircraft, and what classification is the UH60A/L? Class 1 and Class 2. The UH60A/L is a class 2 aircraft." If you want to mess with your RL3 and students, ask what type of H60 is type 1. It's in the 237-10.
  3. Operations in UH-60 and CH-47 aircraft require both helmet and earplug use to attenuate noise and prevent hearing loss. Earplugs Communications Earplug 7-34. The communications earplug (CEP) (figure 7-2, page 7-7) improves hearing protection and speech communication reception. Insert-Type Earplugs 7-35. Insert-type earplugs are a common form of hearing protection. All earplugs tend to loosen with talking or vibration and must be reseated periodically to prevent inadvertent noise exposure. Users' voices sound lower and muffled with properly fitted earplugs, and initial use can diminish the user's ability to hear cockpit communications. E-A-R® foam earplug, V-51R single-flange earplug, triple-flange earplug are the only three listed in the insert-type category. So the answer is your question is neither of those two. The .93 specifically labels usable earplugs, not just double protection. You could elect not to use CEPs, but with the additional issues that stem from using insert-types, I wouldn’t recommend it. CEMs currently do not have an AWR and are not in the .93, so if you have hearing loss, I wouldn’t cop to using them. That said, if you’re using CEMs, you probably won’t have that bad of hearing loss compared to someone not using them. If the molds are correct, they assist far better than regular plugs(source: I used them for my former non-aviation job. They were studied in that capacity, the Army just doesn’t want to pay money to research.)
  4. Only mandatory for the 47/60. But, I'd pay the $80 and get CEMs for all helmeted aircraft anyway. Hearing loss is not something I'd want to deal with and the CEMs make those radios way easier to hear. Especially in the Lima where there's not independent radio volumes copilot to pilot side (just independent master vol). Gowildhawk.com has nice looking helmet bags. I haven't purchased one yet because I'm still justifying the price. Some other people recommended Brightline bags, but those are expensive and look more civ oriented. I just have the normal issued bag and then a pubs bag from Gung Ho gear that is now for snacks and coffee.
  5. Join "Army Aviation Students" on Facebook. You can see who needs roommates from there. Additionally, Fort Rucker Corvias will put you on a waiting list for on-post housing with or without roommates if you give them a call. During WOCS, you'll have a little bit of downtime to research the local area and start setting things up. Additionally, you'll find some classmates doing the same thing and you can get a roommate that way to cut costs. Unless they've changed it, you get 10 days after WOCS to take house-hunting non-chargeable leave. You'll set that up with B Co once you have completed 1st WOC and moved across the street to B Co. That would be the time to move your gear. Ms. Lynn Brown (admin on the Army Aviations Students page) can give you additional info (and already has it posted on the page).
  6. Have not been through during COVID, but was there just prior. Honestly, the PT schedule got messed up more often than not. I think during the 5 weeks, we maybe did about 10-12 sessions. Between the APFT, now ACFT/Rucks/Land Nav/History Trip/CIF/Graduation, you won't do as much as you'd think. 7 minute mile is fine, just make sure you are eating appropriately and drinking water (but not immediately prior to formation. You'll... figure that timing out and get what I'm saying later). There is only one "bad" day of PT and you just have to not quit; you don't have to kill yourself on that day and try to be the front if that ain't you chief. There's plenty of old people tech warrants going to WOCS and literally no one in common core will ask you how you did during Rifle PRT. The amount of crap you'll wear while PTing is dependent on the cadre and the weather. Anything you do, they will generally do though, so they're like 85% in the suck with you. They just get energy drinks and can switch off who is running the pt session.
  7. Do it anyway. Especially as a WOJG. Maintain your ground and assert dominance. Your rater will totally have your back.* *Rater will not have your back. SP may murder you. Blend in and wear the same gear everyone else has. Help out your unit and they will help you. Void in Canada.
  8. They let Air Force SERE level C graduates bypass. You should just be able to submit a signed level C cert to your Platoon Leader/Section Leader and get it waived.
  9. They'll fly the 64's logical replacement of course: The 72A.
  10. There's a warrant officer definition that acts like a creed. No I don't remember any of it. No more singing at the schoolhouse. Unless you volunteer for the national anthem. Don't suck on the national anthem.
  11. 5 and 9s are going to vary drastically between your initial airframe, so you'd have to be more specific. They're also very easy to memorize throughout the phases and no longer viable once you go to advanced. It would probably be more beneficial to study up on aerodynamics and army aeromedical.
  12. Warrant Officers can always find a way. Fail 2 PT Tests, Medical Discharge, DUI, PCS and then take 6 months of leave to start your own business... there's always a way.
  13. I enjoy my lip light, which is an ML-22 from Seitz. That said I would have gotten a cheaper one with just all green light if I did it again. The white light is borderline useless and not bright enough to sub for a white light during refuel. Especially during nights when they ask you to read random stuff, it's very convenient. and can also help with seeing additional info on ICS panels and whatnot. Finger lights probably work fine too, I just like accidentally annoying IPs by leaving my light on.
  14. I really enjoyed seeing that all the advanced frame communities showed their true colors: Chinooks - Brought Hammocks and coolers. Blackhawks - Brought pizza. Apaches - Brought Kettlebells. I'm not sure which community owned up to the couch. (Edit: all of this only allegedly occurred for legal reasons)
  15. "ThERe iSN'T enOuGH ParKING!" ~Cadre, probably. And then Corona hits: "Plenty of parking, don't carpool at all." ~Also cadre, probably.
  16. As we did not do a proper selection, I do not know how it is regularly done. In general afaik, every class has a certain amount of slots, based on what the Army needs/whatever slots the advanced airframes have available. The OML is split so LTs only compete with LTs and WOs with WOs, but if there are only two LTs, one gets what they want (generally) and the other is needs of the Army. Same for Warrants. The other reality is that criteria can most likely change for any reason as needed for the Army's purposes, so no selection is quite like another. Some classes will also get weird things like the class where everyone including the number one person were slotted for AH-64Es (this was not their airframe of choice). Go in having an open mind about all aircraft, do your best, don't believe the propaganda, and you won't be disappointed if you don't get your "first" pick. Or you can change it in the system later and just say it was your first pick. No one will know but you.
  17. 26 March 2020 Selection: 4 - C12s (4 WO) 3 - 47 (1 LT/2 WO) 18 - 60M 10 - 64Es (All WO for the 60/64, except 1 LT, not sure what they selected) Edit: Order of top 6 I think was C12, C12, C12, 47, C12, 47. Then all 60s/64s. LT that got a 47 was somewhere in the 20s, but they were the #1 LT.
  18. We are on a two week pause starting the 6th for flight school. Our AO also got reduced from 100 to 50 miles.
  19. MACP does not cover PCS' that are solely for school. If there was a slot open, they would potentially try to work with you, but unlikely. I fought this for a while, but my wife and I PCS'd to two separate places. The only consolation prize is you do qualify for FSA if you were stationed together immediately prior to WOCS. I haven't lived with my wife for over 2/3 of our marriage. Army is really trying their best to convince her to divorce me. Family first. I hope you have better luck than I have had!
  20. Yeah, I was too fat for the normal one, so they gave me the PCSable fleece. Also in the wrong color. I hope I can turn that garbage in so I don't have to carry it for another 12 years like the rest of the UCP locked in my garage.
  21. No one said anything about needing it, but reminders would be awesome in the unlikely event of a brain fart. I set two alarm clocks every morning. Do I need the second one? Absolutely not. But what if the first one fails?
  22. Do you have to set that up or does it do it automatically? When did it give you reminders? Like coming out of holding calls or just prior to entering airspace calls?
  23. Current AWR expires today, so hopefully the one starting next month has it on there. GPS is not particularly useful during the initial VFR training, but like others said is nice for plotting position and for approach plates.
  24. They let you rock contacts? I've been debating whether to use the civilian glasses they gave me underneath the helmet or if there is a better alternative. I wish the helm had prescription lenses, considering how expensive those freaking things are.
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