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  1. EDIT: I read through mine and saw the the same thing with I. Try to leave it out on the rest of the resume, but it looks like it was harder to avoid than my memory served. Also, just checked mine out and it was two paragraphs and less than half of the back page(almost a third). -- I see multiple sentences beginning with "I" (or something something something, "I"[...]). Switch it up a bit--it's about you and why you want to be there, but there are better active voice sentences for expressing that sentiment. Also, After attempting to enter Army Flight as an Active Guard Reserve Commissioned Officer, only to have my slot taken from me, I was anxious to enter the military flight community as quickly as possible, and applied for Navy Flight. This sounds fairly passive aggressive and would make the board wonder if you were accepted to Navy Flight and if not, why were you not? Especially after you mentioned that you were at some point going AGR for IERW. And your instinct is accurate: make it shorter. They only look at the entire packet for something like 3-5 minutes. The less you write, the more honest it probably is and the less filler you thought you'd need. Short and to the point, while making them engage with your writing.
  2. That sounds like a super power, to be honest. Especially if you can numb out the rotor frequency. As long as you can still hear that high pitched "altitude low" sounding off that you'll be ignoring anyway, I'd imagine you'd be fine.
  3. I'd take him up on that, but I'm still a hot minute away from PCS. They're messing with me on it because my wife can't move because her MOS doesn't exist on Rucker, so I'm coming in as a "single" E5 with at least two rooms full of stuff... that 100% won't fit into the barracks. I'm going to just eat the cost the first two months since Corvias won't work with me and live off post.
  4. Man, I missed the boat hard. They put me all the way out to 19-14.
  5. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure they are doing away with the Distance Learning portion entirely. You still have to sign in to Blackboard to get certain documents and write your essays, but it appears that as of September 8th, they did away with DL.
  6. There was a guard guy that just picked up for WOCS last week and is scheduled for the November class, but Im pretty sure he was tech. Switching the schedule over may explain why none of the rest of us have received a Phase II reservation after almost 45 days. We might be waiting until Oct 1st as well. Well get there eventually, just a pain that information is limited and it seems so far out.
  7. Currently atrrs still has a few 7 week courses. They probably wouldn't be able to do away with it until 2020, since HRC already has the system set up for 7, unless they just buffer an extra 2 weeks in between graduation and B Co with more details.
  8. From my research before applying to the AD gig: No bonuses currently exist for 1st time ADSO. Retention bonuses are being discussed at 35+k, but at the moment only for 152F/H (Apache) and only for 2nd+ ADSO. Haven't heard of SLRP being a yes or no for WOFT, ask a recruiter, YMMV. From a buddy at the schoolhouse: AB/AA schools are unlikely to be given to pilots. You don't need to do that stuff, as you'll be in the cockpit 99.99% of the time. If your unit/division lists either school as a requirement, then they may send you. Both are potentially able to cause injuries that could prevent your flight status. The Army does not want to waste thousands of dollars by training you for flight and then sending you to a school that has no relevance to your job where you can be injured. If you reaaaaally want that stuff, enlist first and then drop a packet. EDIT: Schools that will have relevance later are things like RSO/UMO/Armorer/etc. for additional duties and the advanced WO course (WOILE WOSSE), SAMS(if you get to CW4 and are lucky), Battlestaff, Lessons Learned, etc. for professional development courses.
  9. I think the issue is with using the word "negotiate". There is no negotiation. There are unused benefits and timing considerations as far as whether or not the Army is offering that program at the time (college loan repayment is based on MOS-strength and whether or not the Army is offering the program; if they aren't offering the program: you cannot "negotiate" that they will offer it). You may get a recruiter that says yes or it is on there now, but it needs to be in writing on your contract and the Army has to actually be offering it. The website for your job may even suggest that they are offering it, but if it is not in play at that time, it's not in play. Ask me how I know about loan repayment. That said unused benefits is a real possibility. When you are at MEPS, make sure any program you have heard of is legitimate and checks out/is on your paperwork. As far as IET WOFT, I am not sure as I am going AD IERW. But, you have to sign a lease agreement with Corvias before you actually go into your house. It's privatized housing and you will be an officer. It seems odd that they would force you to live on post when it is your choice. I would contact the WOCC course manager if no information is found in your WOCS welcoming packet regarding how WOFT goes about procuring a house on/off post. Also buying a house and quick selling is probably going to destroy the value, unless you have a spouse willing to put time and money into the home for improvements (and even then, <24 months is not great on real estate value). Unless you are planning to rent to future students, it would be cheaper and more cost effective to live on post with a room mate BAH rate (assuming single).
  10. Months, unfortunately. Atrrs res should pop in the next 2-3 weeks, since they have to give us time for PCS orders versus other WOCs that are just in a TDY status. After the atrrs res, it is 30-90 days before the PCS orders are cut.
  11. Same. My guess is January (I've been told it is almost always 4-6 for AD), but with WOCS acceptance rates being what they are, we could be pushed out as much as 9 months.
  12. If youre already enlisted/co, it is different than street to seat. You have to do the OPAT if you are in a lower physical requirement MOS. Retention and recruiting at your current post will be able to set up a time for you to complete it at one of the physical fitness centers. You should have it done before the packet is turned in(although on the last Milper, they had an asterisk requesting it from people who had not already done so).
  13. Well the FQNS dont wind up on the Milper and eventually get an email. Im not sure when the timeline on that is. Probably right when you go to the field unexpectedly for grunt things. That sounds like the logical Army occurrence.
  14. Nah, I just test really well. I feel like beyond 110-120, the test just becomes whether or not you’re good at guessing beyond your knowledge base. I’m going to bomb hard if there is any calculus during flight school. Once the packet is done, no one will ever care about your GT. Just about how well you can do your job and perform as a leader.
  15. First time poster, but I have been hanging around for a minute. Called the AD recruiter. They arent allowed to officially say if you got in, based on my phone call. However, if you did not receive immediate notification, it is probably a good thing. If you get what Im laying down. Stats for the board: Age:30 Gt:143 Sift:60 Degree:Bachelors Active time:3+ Flight time: None LORs: 3(co/BC/CW4)
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