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  1. Ummmmm.....wow, dude. Nothing is impossible, but if say you have just a bit of an uphill battle. Look, we all make mistakes and we all screw up- I'm no different; most of us have some sort of history and at the end of the day learning from those mistakes is a part of life. I'm sure you will get many negative responses here and probably anywhere else you post but here are my 2 cents: - meet with a recruiter, they are the experts. If this is really what you want to do in life, man up and own your past. - make sure you have all your paperwork including certified copies of your arrest record. - the military looks for what is called adverse adjudication. That means that if ANYTHING happened (like doing community service) before your case was dismissed or not procedures its pretty much the same as a guilty plea. - ask yourself if you really have matured. The military in general, and special programs specifically have zero tolerance for bullshit. On the off chance you get accepted (and honestly, it really will be an uphill battle to prove your merits outweigh your past), you will undoubtedly be held to a special standard. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear but it will probably be the most encouragement you'll get on any forum.
  2. My recruiters not in the office, so havent heard anything yet. Did yours tell you if there were any other changes about the submission process? The one thing that doesnt really instill too much confidence is that you lose the actual face to face with folks. Well that and the fact that the national guys now have to read things without the benefit of being able to ask questions. Not sure if thats a good thing...or if it just means that the recruiters and QC take the place of the board and a submitted packet carries their unofficial recommendation is they forward it..
  3. Thats certainly interesting and kind of makes sense. From all Ive heard, relatively few civilians make it to the BB and leave without a recommendation (unless they do something really stupid). I guess the downside is the HQ boards have to review all the packets. Does this change the board schedule posted on the WOFT reqruiting site?
  4. Its that good? My packet is going in next week. Wonder how that will affect the submission process... does this mean they go straight to the national board, or just a battalion review board with no interview?
  5. Its that good? My packet is going in next week. Wonder how that will affect the submission process... does this mean they go straight to the national board, or just a battalion review board with no interview?
  6. Good afternoon everyone! I've been going through the WOFT process and while there is information out there, it's not all that easy to find in one place. I figured I'd do something to help others out there that might be in the same boat. My goal isn't to replace the other sources of information or forums out there but instead to create a community solely for folks interested in the WOFT program. The platform is obviously in it's infancy so it's up to everyone that's interested to help make it a great place! To get started I've created groups that contain information on all the aspects of the program that I needed help with including (and probably most importantly) a document repository that contains everything you need to get started. If you're looking for another resource or want to help/mentor come and check it out. There are no ads, or other money making gimmicks- just a place that I hope will help others get the help they need to succeed! To help keep things clean you'll be required to register, but my hope is that this will allow for more open and honest communication instead of anonymous trolls www.armywoft.com For now here's a list of some of whats available A complete and organized packet with with fillable pdf forms A complete library of books to help you with the SIFT test The medical regulations Templates for medical waivers Templates for moral waivers Templates for tattoo waivers The SF-85 in fillable pdf Guides to board selection, including criteria sheets Groups are also there to help with all the above, and even more. Each document is uploaded individually and posted in such a way that you can post questions directly in the document area. This was designed so that if you have an issue with a particular document (for instance how to fill out xxxx) you can navigate directly there and get help. That help will then be available for the entire community so the next user might not have to ask the same question. This should make it easier to get the help you need, as well as stop all the duplicate posts across forums and make getting responses a lot faster. Please be a bit patient if something doesn't work exactly as expected. Ill fix any issues as soon as they are brought to light If you have spare time and would like to help administer the site please let me know.
  7. Oh, just an add on to my post- (As not active service guy) you will not get BAH for flight programs unless you are enrolled in a VA approved college flight degree program. Speaking of, make sure that the va gives you the ok to go to the school BEFORE you start taking lessons. They can deny your benifits if they dont approve the school and then youre stuck with the bill
  8. Hey man, I was in the same position as you are. People with the mgib actually make out really well. First thing: call the va office as soon as you can, they have become very helpful over the years. From my experience: I was offered to switch when I was finishing up ratings. If you still have money left in your mgib, use all of it first. You can then switch and get an additional 3 years of benefits. The big difference between the two as it relates to flight training is that (as in my case, enrolled in a flight school vs college flight program) is the way payments are handled. The mgbi is Post paid and doesnt always cover 100% of the costs, but a fixed percentage with a higher cap. Once you switch, you are capped per fiscal year (August to August I think) at around 5,800 per year, but if the total cost is less than that, the va will pay 100%. You are then responsible for the overages. In either case, a couple of things apply. 1- you will always be responsible for check ride fees, books, faa exams, and most supplies such as foggles, knee boards, e6b. 2- both programs use hours, not dollar amounts for benefits. This is crucial especially for low time guys. It also gives you the power to select your school on quality rather than price. An example of this: As a private pilot with 40 hours you are more likely to exceed the minimum hours for your instrument rating than if you did your commercial first and than did an instrument add on. reasoning behind this: instrument flying is com heavy and most guys are still adjusting to to radios, and dont really have a grasp on topics such the ATC/Pilot relationship. The biggest Fear low time guys have is correcting ATCs mistakes, or flat out rejecting stupid requests. ( like: Cessna 152 climb and maintain 15,000) Or even worse not knowing when you can/can not reject them. The whole thing behind this is that if youre not rock solid on the radio, you now have to spend brain power talking IN ADDITION to flying on gauges. Have a realistic expectation based on an honest self analysis. Dont assume youre that .01% that doesnt go over the minimums on any rating. Also, speak to previous students because not every flight hour is equally effective. Taxi time, ramp time, hold time, etc count and are billable. So if you are doing youre time at a busy bravo airport you will spend way more time on the ground than if you do it at a small private field. As you progress this will make a huge difference. The most expensive words youll hear later on are Twinstar 123 you are number 10 for takeoff. 3- Know that the MGIB lets you spend as much of your remaining benefits per year as you want because its dollar capped program (I.e if you have a contract for 40k you can spend it all in one year, or spread it out over ten years but the max benefit is 40k) once you switch its (my personal experience) a yearly benefit. So, in my case my max benefit was 17400. Because I did all flight training at 5800/year my max benefit was just over 17k. BUT that means about 1 rating per year. Not very efficient. Ok, this is starting to sound more like rambling the more I write. Im doing this on the phone while watching my kiddo, so Im a bit distracted. There are tons of other considerations when choosing to switch. Free free to message me and Ill give you my email or phone number. Always happy to share my experience and help you avoid some pitfalls. Flight training isnt as common and therefore most va reps you talk to will give you different answers or worse, wrong answers. Some will be honest and tell you they dont know, some will find out for you, and others think they know what they are taking about. Here is the biggest caution. ONCE YOU SWITCH, YOUR REMAINING MGIG BENIFTS ARE FOREFIT, AND YOU CANNOT SWITCH BACK. (you may also lose any kickers you have, depending on how they were written) Heres the biggest benift. You get both! I used my entire MGBi, then switched and got 3 additional years of benefit. I used the va for my stuff and it is the reason I could afford to get where I am I got: Instrument Commercial Single and Multi (fixed wing) Commercial helicopter ( SFAR in the 22 and 44)
  9. As of 8/4/18 For those of you studying, you can pick of the Kindle version of this book for 99 cents No, I dont get anything from Amazon if you by it lol https://www.amazon.com/Complete-SIFT-Study-Guide-Preparation-ebook/dp/B01MCW355N
  10. I really appreciate the offer! I should have things copied into the right format in the next week or so. Ive just been writing and making changes in word docs since I wasnt sure when Id get my citizenship, but I know how the military is about changing lol. I got out in 06, so not on reserves anymore. Im glad to hear that the Army pilots are helpful. That 'keeper of the badge' mentality was one of the things I encountered more often than not in competitive programs. As for the CAR, well I hung out with a lot of Marines
  11. Thanks for the reply! I get what you mean about the recruiters, and I guess from their point of view that makes sense. I think I got lucky because the guy Im working with has been great. He was also very honest and told me the same thing about some of the recruiters out there. Im doing my best to have everything done, with the exception of the things like medical where a recruiter is required.
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm finally at the point where I can submit a packet for WOFT. It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately, up until last week I was not a US citizen, so no recruiter could help me out. It was a multi year process, but finally done. Over the years I've been doing everything I can to make my packet attractive, and for the most part I think I've done a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvement. What Im really looking for is someone who can help me polish things up. I'd be happy to do the same in return and share my experiences throughout the process. In that spirit, Ive added information that Ive found helpful at the end of the post to help out Keeping with tradition, here are my "forum stats" Age: 34 GT: 114 (Not sure if retake is required, from prior Navy Enlistment) SIFT: 60-70 (Only practice tests) Flight Time: Approx. 550 Pilot Ratings:Helicopter (Commercial) Multi Engine fixed wing (Commercial w/Instrument) Single Engine fixed wing (Private) Education:Approx. 60 credits Physical:Maintained 1st Class (civilian) since 2007- I have no doubt medical will pass Within AR 600-9 Table B-1 standards Military:4 years Navy E-4, 2 deployments (DD 988 USS Thorn, Assault Craft Unit 4) Military Decorations/Awards:Flag Letter of Commendation National Defense Service Medal Combat Action Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2) Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Military EVALS: All favorable with great recommendations Military Discharge: Honorable (R1) Military Clearances: Secret (Expired, but eligible) Professional Certificates: Private Security Consultant -License # 00370026(Applies to all below) Private Security Company Manager Electronic Access Control Alarm Sales Alarm Installation Private Investigator (Unaffiliated) Community Involvement: Director, Chamber of Commerce I know that I require an age waiver (turned 34 in April) but from what I have read I believe it will get approved. The only reason I waited this long was that my citizenship process took years, which made me ineligible to apply eariler. I also put my time to good use (IMO) during the wait. While waiting for my citizenship I obtained commercial ratings for both fixed wing and helicopter, built leadership and management skills (at one point responsible for 70+ employees), served the community by volunteering, and staying in what I consider the best shape Ive been in since the Navy. With the exception of SIFT, a photo, my LORs (didn't pursue since they expire quickly) and the medical, I have all the other documents ready and am in the process of transferring them to the required format. Id love to hear form anyone who is currently in the process of applying, or has applied in the past couple of years and is willing to give some advice, share experiences, proof read, or anything else that might be helpful. Im also very willing to share my experiences, both in aviation in general, or specific to WOFT with anyone whos hit a road bock. Ive been actively working on this for a long time, so I might be able to help someone else not make the same mistakes I've made Here are some of the resources I used in my journey: All links were checked prior to posting and work as of today. I am purposely linking to pages and not files (or uploading files directly) as I want to make sure I dont step on toes in the forum. The biggest asset was the US Army WO Recruiting site: Main Site http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/index.shtml Core Requirements http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOapplicant_info.shtml Eligibility and Warrant Officer Brief: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOEligibility.shtml The link to the brief fin in part 1 MOS Page http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/WO153A.shtml Board Schedule http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml Download page http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOpdownload_forms.shtml The download page has pretty much everything you need to fill out for your packet. The most helpful to me were the "Warrent Officer Sample Packet" and the "Common Application Errors" pdf FAQ Page http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml The FAQ page answered so many of my questions (as well as lots of the ones people posted in the forum. Also, they are very clear that this should be your first stop before asking their team. Speaking of team, here is the contact lists page. Ive also broken down the POCs below. Make sure you follow these guidelines. We are essentially applying for a very professional position, and not following their guidelines might be taken as unprofessional. Formatting is from source. Please follow these guidelines in the order they are listed: Review this entire site as it contains answers and guidance to most questions or concerns. Read the FAQs. Refer to our briefing schedule page to identify which recruiter to contact about a particular briefing. Contact a specific recruiter in your region via email. Contact a specific recruiter in your region telephonically. Contact a recruiter outside of your region via email. Contact a recruiter outside of your region telephonically. POC Page (In-Serivice) http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml Here are the recruiters by Region: North Eastern Region: (CT, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV, DC, Central/South America) CW4 Gause (Located on Ft. Bragg) Cell: 785-215-7602 SFC Arendt (Located on Ft. Bragg) Cell: 910-261-6397 National Capital Region: (DC, DE, MD, and Northern VA) CW2 Lawson (Located on Joint Base Meyer - Henderson Hall) Cell: 202-689-9188 Southern Region and Europe: (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia) CW3 Williams (Located on Ft. Benning) Cell: 706-313-1231 SSG James Shapiro (Located on Ft. Benning) Cell: 254-548-5531 Central Region: (AR, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD, TN, TX, WI) CW4 Sanchez (Located on Ft. Campbell) Cell: 931-250-2159 Southwestern Region: (AZ, CA, NV, NM, UT, TX) CW3 Perez(Located on Ft. Hood) Cell: 254-733-2326 Western Region and Pacific: (AK, CO, HI, ID, MT, OR, UT, WY, Pacific) CW4 London(Located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Cell : 808-371-9691 SSG Jon P. McCoy (Located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Cell: 253-888-1933 Point of Contact for Street to Seat for All Applicants: SFC Perry is the WOFT POC at USAREC Fort Knox SFC Perry, Jimmy C. HQ USAREC G-3, Special Programs and Boards SORB (A) Operations Liaison Team Email: jimmy.c.perry2.mil@mail.mil Office: 502-626-3104 Go Army Current and Prior Service Applicants https://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/current-and-prior-service/advance-your-career/warrant-officer/flight-warrant-officers.html Current and Proposed WO Briefings http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_briefingsched.shtml Military Flight Tests https://militaryflighttests.com/sift-test/ This page provides some sample tests, as well as their recommendations on study guides. More Practice Tests: https://www.triviumtestprep.com/sift-practice-test/ I know the URL has SIFT in it, but this page gives you a chance to work on all the sections individually. No need to redo 100 simple shape questions.. About the Training Process: http://www.rucker.army.mil/newcomers/students/ I found this page very helpful because it lists all the courses you must complete and lists additional requirements. For instance, I didnt know applicants needed to pass (survive) SERE school. Another forum: http://community.armystudyguide.com/groupee/forums/a/frm/f/7681093521 Not to take anything away from this forum, but there is some helpful info on that site as well I also have the following PDFs which I can upload if approved: SIFT FAQ SIFT Prep 1 SIFT Prep 2 WOFT Packet QC SOP Guide (USAREC Special Programs and Boards WOFT Packet Submission)- MUST READ! Contains Board Score Sheets Warrant Office Flight Training Pathways Brief Warrant Officer Application Checklist Application for Appointment Sample Application and Guide Common Application Mistakes Warrant Officer Resume Letter of Recommendation Template Application for Active Duty Moral Waiver Template Age Waiver Template Tattoo Exception to Policy Request Statement of Understanding SF-86 Template Military Flight Aptitude Tests Information AFPT Standards AR 600-9 Well, that about does it As I come across more information, Ill post it here. My Questions to you: 1) Does anyone have experience with an age waiver? 2) Anyone prior service gone through the process, and did you need to retake the ASVAB? 3) Anyone have a local recruiter they would recommend in either the San Antonio Texas area, or the Washington DC area? 4) Anyone willing to proofread/give advice on my packet? 5) Anyone know of an active duty CW pilot that would be willing to meet and give an LOR, after an interview? 6) Anyone have any resources that have helped you through the process? 7) Anyone want to share and good/bad/indifferent experiences with he process, or pitfalls/hurdles you have faced? 8) Anyone have stats on number of open positions/selection percentages for the last year? If it does not violate forum rules, Im always happy to share contact info, chat by phone/email/LinkedIn
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