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  1. So true. If therere offering 10 its because some will eventually bite into it, otherwise theyd be forced to up the ante
  2. Its sad to read that piloting a helicopter, which requires a significant investment, is as remunerated as other activities which do not involve similar skill level, demand lower monetary outlay and carry little to no responsibility.
  3. Helinorth, you perfectly fit the description of the individual I sketched. I apologize for not mastering your language like NR does. Im a linguistic bastard as i have no mother tongue born from parents that spoke two different languages raised in a third country...and English was not one of them. At least I try to put forth my idea, all you did was look at the finger pointing at the moon. Çà suffit
  4. A little OT on my part. The internet has given us a voice we didnt have before the advent of this God blessed mean. What we choose to do with it is free will. Back in the days an individual with something stupid to say had the audience limited by the reach of his voice, typically the audience of the few like minded individuals at the pub. Nowadays the insensitive, cruel, often pointless and certainly useless comments have a worldwide audience. Might the reason for such a southbound trend be the anonymity and unaccountability of everyones remarks? Who would dare say half, actually a quarter of
  5. Calligraphy is obviously the best attribute of penmanship, by extending the concept penmanship is also used to evocate the crafty use of a writing instrument to draft a worthy piece of literature. Now, we might not be in award winning territory (who am I to judge) but his writing is pleasurable reading - regardless if you agree with him or not.
  6. I really like the way the aging gentleman uses the English language. If his flying is half as proficient as his penmanship, this guy could fly a one rotor bladed machine.
  7. If you can make sense of what you tube videos make available it denotes prior training that allows you to discern value info from trash. Your training comes from elsewhere otherwise how could you know what to listen to and what to label as BS. The meaning I give to flight videos is those that relate to the topic of this thread
  8. I agree with the nearly retired gentleman whos got more hours in the air than Im old, some videos are sanctionable if intended to be instructive. My belief is that YT helicopter videos are merely entertainment and have, do not have and should not have any instructional purposes. We understand and see the flaws because we are pilots, enthusiasts or generally interested in rotor-flight. The vast majority of viewers have no idea what they are looking at and do not care. These are at best demonstrative examples of what helicopter flight looks like not what it should be. To be clear if any PILOT wo
  9. Im sure that the Enstrom system is a great tool and in the right hands is advantageous. My objection is that in terms of fuel savings and spark plug cleanliness (we toss them every few hours anyway) the benefits do not outwit and outweigh the results of the human factor which is way too common and of great cost in lives. More so since, other than flight schools, piston helicopters are in use by low hour pilots or private users in general. I mean to say that those pilots who would make good use of the mixture control probably do not fly piston ships
  10. Wow. Never flown or even seen an enstrom live. Not very present in Europe mainland. Does it mean that you could actually lean the mixture too much and shut off the engine in flight?
  11. Thanks for the correction. I loosely translated from French. I seem to recall that the earliest versions of the 22 and the 269 had something that allowed some degree of messing with the title. But maybe I’m wrong. Looking for support from older pilots.
  12. Im looking for information from more seasoned pilots. How long has it been since you could actually adjust the stechiometric title whilst flying like its done in planes that enrich or lean as required. I seem to recall it being doable in piston ships but cant recall when we stopped. Can anyone shed some light. Thanks a million
  13. Have to disagree with V-Any because paying to ferry is shifting this profession from a quality viewpoint to a price point of view. If you were to concentrate on quality which is determines it you reach your destination instead of money (its not your company and its not your profit it not your economical decision) your competition becomes not someone that is more competent but someone that is cheaper (in english this means more desperate). How good is that for our industry? Ive seen hiring processes for private single family pilots -no need for other income sources- did not ask the specific num
  14. Im speaking as a European schooled pilot. My mom & pop shop said candidly if you want to fly solo during your schooling, buy your own machine. That said, during my solo time I was not alone in the cabin but might as well have been. The instructor had his hands on his lap and feet away from the pedals. Did not ever intervene and did not utter a word. Even radio communication was unaided. He had headphones and mike but did not talk. One full hour and he only spoke when the rotor stopped spinning. I was given strict instructions as not to ask, not to speak directly to the CFI and not to seek
  15. That I dont know as Ive never seen my daughter in any of those ships. Have you tried your positon in a 22?
  16. Oh wow, cool I’m getting usd 375 hr to work for you. Wait...could it be that you want me to pay you for something that you are going to paid for by your customer? Naaaaa, that can’t be. You are already paid for that trip so it must be my salary for doing something for you. Mmmm, too good to be true. You are actually asking me for money to move a ship from where YOU have it to where YOU want it to be...and you want me to pay for it. This industry is really going backwards. It should be called the shrimp business not helicopter flying. Joking aside, and I have nothing against thi
  17. Wanted to recommend a prayer for the helicopter pilot that died whilst at work last Saturday in England. Eric Swaffer did all he could to keep the ship from crashing into the crowd and somehow managed to bring the helicopter into an empty lot nearby. My hat off the the piloting skills. RIP Eric and prayers to your family and friends.
  18. Excellent. Keep it up and possibly become a halicopter pilot. Congrats and keep it up
  19. I’m right handed. I tried Robinson left seat, cyclic with the left hand and right seat collective with the right hand...not my game. Did it just to get the feel of how counterintuitive it must be to be a southpaw learning to fly.
  20. Hi, can you tell me which leg you place your kneeboard on and why?
  21. No worries, the 22 is soooo tiny my daughter who is a little over five feet has no problems, ciclic correctly placed and pedals within reach. The problems in the 22 are for people like me who go well over 6 feet and whose weight is barely in line with the safety of the ship. My headphones scratch the roof of the cabin and my right elbow is crammed between me and the plexy.
  22. Have you asked why they don’t lease on their own and save 150 an hour, which would cover their leasing costs If you’re left with the overhaul, 2200 hrs gives you 330K subtract 120K costs You have a 210K gross margin plus residual ships value You will have to pay leasing costs or financing costs for purchasing the ship. 55 hrs per month is not a lot of flying Add in what you could have done with the same money if more profitable You have all the elements to make a sound financial decision. If, on the other hand, your decision is emotional then the money doesn’t matter.
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