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  1. Put in a street to seat packet, learn how to fly, join 160th or another SMU, fly AND do other cool guy stuff at the same time.
  2. Also street to seat slated for 19-011 selected in July. Not sure how the change to a 5 week course will impact the dates. Later start or earlier finish?
  3. Anybody know the ratio of 72 classes to 67s? I heard the 67s were going to be gone soon.
  4. Hello all, Im a street to seater shipping for WOFT in January. Im thinking about doing PPL ground school at a local airport here at home while waiting to ship just to build on my current aviation knowledge (which isnt much), so I can go to Rucker with at least a little understanding. Would ground school be worth doing now or would it be mainly a waste of time/money?
  5. Long time lurker here, excellent forum, just signed the contract today, Basic at Benning Jan. 14 2019, WOCS April 5 2019
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