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  1. Wow, quite a bit of interest on my post so thanks for all responses. Anyway I'm not really interested in airplanes, I really don't think they are for me even though they probably would provide better financial stability and are safer. But I don't think I would enjoy the job in the long run. And I need something that I enjoy doing. The past 6months of trucking have been really horrible because I'm just so sick of it and I don't want to put down a lot of money with a big risk of getting to that same point again. As for now, I think we will be putting my wife through school/University instead
  2. Airplanes are cool but I think I'd rather work on them than actually fly them for a living. I've got a feeling they might get a bit boring after a period of time whilst helicopters have a much bigger variety of jobs. Thanks for your advice!
  3. So another post about to pilot or not to pilot. Anyway me, my wife and our kids are moving from Sweden to the States. South California to be more precise, mainly due to me having my aunt out there. So I've been looking into getting a commercial helicopter license and got some questions about it. A rough estimate on the cost seems to be around 65k $, would you consider that correct? Private, commercial, instrument and CFI. But I haven't really understood on how long a full time flight school would take, any ideas? After completing flight school I understand that basically the only job
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