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  1. Also, would it be best if I schedule an additional appointment with my surgeon and PT and get them to write me a letter stating the integrity of my shoulder is good and such. Or should I just go to my surgeon and PT after I get the no go from MEPs?
  2. Did they allow you to take the SIFT prior to a medical waiver being approved?
  3. Hi all! Im a hopeful contestant for a Warrant Officer Aviation Slot for the November board, given I pass MEPs and a flight physical. I have stronge LORs and a great ASVAB - 93 composite (124 GT), 285 PT score (self test) and a BS in Engineering Geology, but Im super concerned about getting passed at MEPs for two orthopedic surgeries Ive had on my shoulder (2012 & 2016). Two separate tears, both completely healed and zero complications. While my scars are barely noticeable, I dont want to be accepted into the program on false information, so lying isnt an option for me. That being said, my questions are: - Is it possible to get passed at MEPs if I bring letters confirming the integrity of my shoulder from my surgeon? As well as supporting documents from my Physical Therapist to validate that I followed the recovery program exactly as requested. - if that doesnt suffice, what documentation should I bring to meps to increase my chances of passing? - if all else fails, I will contest a medical waiver, but that route leaves little wiggle room for me to make the November board. Does anyone know of any complications I may run into for such medical waiver and flying? Or possibly know anyone that has had to seek a medical waiver for such a problem. I appreciate all the feedback you can give me! Thanks!
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