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  1. Is it legal to 'steal' water from people's pools?
  2. I've heard quite a few different sayings about helicopters from the fixed wing guys, got any more? - Everyone is a student in a helicopter - If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger. If you pull the stick back, they get smaller. Unless your in a helicopter, then you need to find another stick. - Flying helicopters isn't more dangerous. Crashing them is what's dangerous, and it just happeneds more often. - Helicopters don't fly; they vibrate so much and make so much noise that the earth rejects them. - If God had meant man to fly helicopters, He'd have given him more money
  3. What about Insurance and all those elusive costs? I can't imagine a company would want to insure an aircraft to a person who dosn't even have their license yet anywhere short of Ft. Knox.
  4. Bossman, how far are you from Baltimore? I might be able to make it out there.
  5. Hello, There are no flightschools in my area so I will kind of have to go at it on my own, I have found a CFI that will work for $30 an hour and he said he can rent an R-22 for $250 an hour. This seems pretty steep compared to what I see here. I look over to the side an see $300 an hour turbine time. I don't know what to do, I can't afford to travel to do it really as I will have to pay for my lessons over time, eh... Any ideas?
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