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  1. Shrimp, it's been a while. So did you ever actually switch to the Apache. Let's see a picture. Or are just a liar.
  2. I know a friend of mine who is in real estate down in the Ft. Rucker Alabama. You can give him a call if you need a house, he is a nice guy. Johnny Office: (334) 774-4663
  3. You brave soul. May you fight with righteous intension. And for international co-operation. And not booty. Allah akbar.
  4. He is just saying that because he doesn't have the guts to go pick up a rifle. Nor does he know what its like to risk his life for the freedoms he enjoys sitting at the base. Doing a good job like photo journalist. So he put that rifle in sombody somebody else's hands like a coward. You better be thankful we don't fight wars like they used to. Or the draft would make all of us do that job eventually. Meaning after the last wave dies. So yes, it's a job nobody really wants to do. And I respect them for putting there life on the line with me. On the ground.
  5. Yes, You can get in an AH-64 Apache. It's actual combat. And a bit safer than say being on the ground. But that's not what we care about. We care about the fact that you actually had the bravery to go out there on the front lines in that thing, and did your part. For that, I solute them.
  6. Well we want you to-go pick up a gun. That's the job nobody wants to do. Because it's the actual fighting. 97% of these other jobs are non-combat rolls. So you can do the good jobs, unless you have the bravest soul I have ever seen. Besides, Muhammad who did that too. And changed the way Saudi Arabia fought wars. With no prior military experience and a sword.
  7. There is no vaccine against stupid comments. You gotta give them some credit for there time. Those guys are risking there lives at the border too. And they get deployed over seas. I've seen several volunteer to go-to Iraq.
  8. There we go, that's what we need. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QSEX-c2W2yc Those 4 royal marines must be like "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter".
  9. Good job identifying and not falling for the other logical fallacy of. The "fallacy fallacy". Where it is assumed that because an argument is poorly made. That it is in-result not true. Good luck on your journey. It is worth the plunge.
  10. I can tell you failed your paragraph comprehension test. It's the connotation of: "you don't need a waiver to fly" that is the topic. The annotation is not the topic. Yet, your whole argument was based off the annotation. So I will dismiss that argument. If you enlist you can likely fly as an NCO(provided you fulfill those requirements). Now I will put the annotations in bold lettering to prevent any further confusion. You will likely get a moral charactor waiver if you are prior service. IMO it's Because that's a good thing that you did for the country. And the people you work with can vouch for you. Plus you did not get kicked out during that whole time. So you should be just fine. So IMO you should pick up a gun. Because we need it, Good luck soldier.
  11. It says it right here: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/Wogeninfo_mos.shtml Sense it's implying that you are entering in from another MOS on this list. You can conclude from the bold title, That waivers are not needed from those with proffered qualifications. Sense, 153A is available to any applicant without any feeder MOS. You should be just fine picking up an M4A1 Carbine. That's what we want to see. I'm thinking about doing it, because it takes 2 years to get through WOFT. That's about $65,000 in rental income I'm missing out on. Plus I can goto Harvard if I do that first. This is known as the "component/division" logical fallacy. It's where they presume that just because one component of something has to be applied to all of it. Usually resulting in a negative emotional response. Use your brain, these guys are just unable to understand the whole picture. Even though it's not that difficult to understand. This is called the: "texas sharp shooter" logical fallacy. It's where they just cherry pick data clusters to suit an argument. Anyways, just change your attitude towards it, and you will see that the army does a good job at looking after there own. Better than any other branch might I add.
  12. Your statement is like a steer. You have a point here, a point there, and all this bull in between. If you goto the WOCS web site, then on the ETP/moral character waiver page. In bold print It says somthing along the lines of you can fly without a waiver if you are prior service. And any MOS may apply, So go pick up an M4A1 and help us defend with that, until you get picked for WOFT to fly the airframe you want.
  13. If you join from inside the army then you don't need a waiver. You can join the guard and then go active duty if they need it. In my opinion it is immoral to discriminate based on criminal behavior in the past. Because it's a hasty generalization. Just because somebody did "A" that does not mean they will do "B". There are simply to many unknown factors to conclude if these applicants will divulge the information they are supposed to be entrusted with. I presume it's because the secretary of the army is being pressured by various legal proponents to enforce these laws. This is another illogical fallacy. Known as the "band wagon" fallacy. So, just play the cards you where dealt. Nobody can be a national guard pilot unless you are an NCO anyways. Because nobody can get through it any more. It's dumb, now all these applicants who are perfect fine get sent away. It's not a perfect world, it's not Jannah. They should be making the morally centered decision in this case. And letting you fly.
  14. We are all bros. Just not the crazy drunk kind. They are very serious about partying on the job. Because it's a matter of national security. I heard a story on how they kidnapped there captain. And threw him into the back of a van with a bag over his head. Then interrogated him like they where in Alquida. Everyone thought it was hilarious. But he did not think it was very funny. So he reported them, and they got kicked out. And now have a felony conviction on there record for kidnapping. So the moral of the story is, enjoy your self. But don't do anything illegal. And focus on your missions first.
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