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  1. Selection for AD Warants Apaches - 8 Blackhawks - 10 Chinooks - 0 C12s - 1
  2. A kind soul checked the list for me. Selected!
  3. Can someone with access to milpers check for my name please. Ive been on leave for the last week. Pretty impressed they got the AD list out in 5 days! Wasn't expecting that.
  4. Thank you to everyone who was contributed to these forums by sharing your experiences with this process. Your help has made this process a lot less painful then it would have been without it. From what I've learned on these forums, a well written resume and strong LORs will give you your best shot at getting selected. AGE: 29 ASVAB GT: 137 SIFT: 78 APFT: 293 EDUCATION: AA Degree, 75 credits towards BS w/ 3.5 GPA FLIGHT: 2700 hrs as enlisted aircrew LORS: O-4, O-4, O-5 (All USAF Pilots) OTHER INFO: AD USAF, E-5, 6 years TIS PHYSICAL: Stamped and Approved WAIVERS: No waiver
  5. Any other input on the mission set for each of the helos?
  6. I had a similar problem with some of the forms. Pm sent.
  7. Quick question. I have called the help desk and they said my flight physical has been stamped approved. I am unable to access the https://vfso.rucker....al.main.welcome website to print off the stamped 2808. Has anyone had any luck getting hold of their flight physical another way? -Chris
  8. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/HOW_DO_I_APPLY/
  9. I can relate with everything Seminole posted last month, so I dont think the test changes too much
  10. Just took the SIFT yesterday. Managed to wrangle out a 78 on the test. Definitely can attribute some of that score to a strong math background and 7 years as an enlisted AF flyer. But doing a month of study is what really helped me the most. As Gage and others have said, having a good understanding of the first 4 chapters of either the FAA Rotorcraft flying manual or the FAA Helicopter flying manual are vital. I used the helo manual myself. Also know what helicopters the Army flies and what they do. For other sections of the test, I picked up Peterson's Master the Military Flight Aptitud
  11. I just discovered this myself, because I needed to download a form as well. I had trouble using the new website on my phone, but it worked on a desktop. Took about 5 minutes of clicking various links, but I was able to find all the relevant pages the old version of the website had ie board dates, forms downloads, faqs, etc. Might make things easier to find if you google something specific such as 'USAREC warrant officer 153a'. Hope this helps!
  12. Any recent PS selectees out there get notified if you are attending a 6 week PSBCT or the full BCT before WOCS? -Chris
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