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  1. 15 Oct Selection for RA Warrants (th67 class): Apaches: 16 Blackhawks: 14 Chinooks: 4
  2. Are these are out yet? Im trying to figure out which class Im in too
  3. 20 selected out of 61 civilian applicants. Averages: GT: 130 GPA for those with degrees: 2.9 SIFT: 59 APFT: 262 7 High School diplomas 2 Associates Degrees 10 Bachelors Degrees 0 Graduate Degrees (Not sure why that only adds up to 19) 4 Aviation Licenses
  4. I have access to the list if you are civilian and want to know. Just message me
  5. Civilian Applicant - first look selected May 2019 Age: 29 GT: 133 SIFT: 56 LORs: CW3, CW4, CW4 (all aviators) APFT: 285 Bachelors Degree - Major in Chemistry, Minor in Materials Engineering Physical stamped with no waivers Flight hours: none Other: Had PRK eye surgery last year
  6. Im guessing today by noon (eastern time)! Is there someone checking online for the civilian applicants??
  7. Im a civilian applicant on the May board: Age: 29 GT: 133 SIFT: 56 LORs: CW3, CW4, CW4 (all aviators) APFT: 285 Bachelors Degree Physical stamped with no waivers Good luck everyone!
  8. Im a civilian and Id be willing to travel. Does my recruiter have to be with me??
  9. So Im super close to making the May board, but I cant get a flight physical scheduled. Im trying to get an appointment at Fort Knox and theyre saying that theres a 2-3 month waitlist for appointments. Did anyone else have this issue? What should I do?
  10. How late can civilians submit a packet before the board?
  11. Thanks! Ive edited my post to include my location (Knoxville, TN). Ive made some cold calls to the local NG and have reached out to some local flight schools and pilots. I appreciate the advice!
  12. Hello, I am a street-to-seat WOFT candidate who is looking to network for letters of recommendation, or to meet someone that I can count on to be a strong military leadership mentor. I'm currently a federal employee at a Department of Energy National Laboratory, and I hold a leadership position in my daily role. My recruiters have been very helpful so far, but there have been some difficulties/delays because they have not been able to reach any of their previous CW3-CW5 contacts to ask for help in writing my letters of recommendation; I do not blame these Warrant Officers because none of th
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