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  1. Lol...no doubt...that, and civilian pilots hang around until a better offer comes around. Officers usually stick around for the long term because they want the pension. Very unlikely an established unit of significant size doesnt already have experienced pilots to train the new ones... That, and you dont have to worry about the non-sworn pilot refusing to go because the suspect has a rifle.
  2. Absolutely...we had a Fla Natl Guard pilot who was on the eligibilty list and next to come up to the unit. He works for Envoy now lol All of the regionals have ATP-R programs specifically geared toward military helo pilots...and im guessing that a job as a 757 Captain making big money will be more attractive that a job making 70k flying EMS in the mid-west. And since most of the helo pilots come from military backgrounds, there will be a major shortage of helicopter pilots sometime in the next 10 years. I've already noticed alot of external LE postings on JSFirm and RotorcraftPro already...think its just a foreshadowing of things to come
  3. Palm Beach currently requires you to have one year of service after your year of probation. So, two years on the job before you can apply to be considered to the Aviation Unit
  4. CBP is really on the hunt for dual rated pilots. I got both...and landed a gig flying a turboprop AND a helo.
  5. Hahahaha..flying tours to get laid. There are easier ways my boy hahahahaha!!
  6. Probably not referring to you...probably want someone who does.more than just 'recreational flying' if you are a working instructor, this probably doesnt refer to you...but if you have a shred of interest in this position, you should be talking with their chief pilot...not a forum Also, stay away from drones...thats gonna take many more years to become mainstream AND most importantly, you want to fly. Drones will leave you unfulfilled...take it from me
  7. Things will get interesting here in the next 10 years...all of the airlines are sucking up the military helo guys...i imagine that pilot jobs in just about all facets of helo aviation will end up creating opportunities for no or low time pilots looking to make a career...
  8. For you LE/MIL pilot guys... How do you log/record or otherwise track your fast-rope operations??? Or do you even bother?
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