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  1. I had everything including my senior warrant LOR in less than 3.5months. Biggest hurdle for me was that we had a new Battalion Commander half way through me building my packet. I was ready to submit for September board except I was waiting for him to sign my LOR eventually had it but had to submit for the January board the following year. Health wise I have never had a temp profile or ever been injured in the Army which I THINK helped me get physical very fast, which could be a factor.
  2. Did you get selected? you may need to extend to the date of your estimated date of graduation/appointment to W01. I would check with the WOCS recruiting team, will be more knowledgeable than a normal recruiter/retention. Also I wouldn't worry about selection percentages, worry about selling yourself and your packet!
  3. Selected March 2019, got ATRRS notification in April 2019 for WOCS but it was a year window of when I could potentially be going to WOCS. About 3 months after I got my RFO(request for orders) which had exact dates for WOCS, reporting Feb 2020, and then WOBC in March then actual flight school to follow. I am OCONUS so it may be different for others. Like others said they take 65ish people each board but no clue what percentage that is of those who submit
  4. I was FQ-NS january 2019 board, I'm only a SPC with 2 years TIS. I got selected in the following March 2019 board. Honestly my packet had nothing special with such a short career so far but I got selected lol.
  5. What you can also do, is have the rest of your packet submitted and as long as you get your stamped physical submitted BEFORE the corrections date you should be fine. Did this with my Battalion Commander LOR since we had a new one taking command. But the most accurate answer will come from reaching out to the WOC recruiting team.
  6. I know numerous people who have dogs such as pits that are banned on post, just take to an off post vet to have all the paperwork done and instead of putting pit as the main breed put whatever the minority mix is. On post housing won't look at your dog, they just want the correct paperwork. I've seen 100% pure rottweilers that are categorized as labs lol. Can also have your dog be a companion pet, also how people get around having more than the allowed number of pets in on post housing.
  7. They are already doing it at WOCS and will continue too. According to some documents on the WOCS blackboard page "The ACFT is used in lieu of the normal APFT test.... if you are on profile and have been approved by WOCS to take an alternate event you will not take the ACFT." I know the Army categorizes pilots as "Heavy demand" for the OPAT test so I would assume the same for ACFT. I don't have an official army source but if you can do mins on this chart should be fine. https://partner-mco-archive.s3.amazonaws.com/client_files/1533151187.pdf
  8. Phase 1 is Distant Learning to my understanding, AKA blackboard assignments that we have to do. I'm active duty and got 3 emails within a month of my very first one. 1st email was ATRRS slot for phase 1, then 2nd email was for phase 2 which is actual WOCS report date, and a 3rd email which is a RFO(Request for Orders) from HRC which breaks down everything for you timeline wise. I took my RFO to my MPD who cuts orders on post to start my process of Levy packet/PCSing packet.
  9. I wrote my own LOR for my company commander(O3), BN commander(05), and a CW4. My LOR's were kind of generic and talked about how I can bring my current MOS skills over to aviation and how I want to not only be a pilot but potentially in a position of leadership/mentorship. In my opinion I don't even think my BN commander looked at the LOR; I'm assuming he asked my commander's opinion and just signed the LOR, but what did help me was the 4 AAM's i earned in 2 years as a PFC. What I think helped me with my CW4 LOR is I came to him with a 100% ready for board packet minus the LORs. That showed him that I was serious and not just dipping my feet in the water. My LOR for him was kind of generic but he was happy with it. He also interviewed me about airframes that I'd like to fly and the missions that each one has. What I think is the most important part is having a LOR that is already made. In my opinion an O5 or CW4 is not going to set time aside to write an LOR from scratch for someone they don't know. Having the initiative to write an LOR about yourself, which I found very hard to do, is part of the process. I submitted my packet as a PFC and was selected and what I focused on since I had a lack of resume was my improvement of APFT score, receiving awards, how my current MOS could give me an advantage in the aviation field, and my desire to be a leader/mentor. Also spoke about me being young how it is an advantage to the Army and that they can invest in me and I can invest in the Army.
  10. Appreciate the replies, spoke with the Company commander and also the OIC for the clinic that does the flight physicals down there at Rucker and both said they are allowed.
  11. I was selected in the March 19 board and am slotted for class in Febuary 2020. I'm looking to get braces at my current duty station out of pocket since the Army won't help me. I have approval from my current commander but am looking to get in contact with the Company Commander for HHC/ WOCS.There's no regulations about braces, only that they can make you non deployable, which is why I'm looking to finish them during WOFT. If anyone has the Company Commander or a TAC/instructor that you could connect me with their email or POC would be great. I can prove my identity if needed. Thanks!
  12. Active duty here as well, OCONUS, if it matters. Got my first email from atrrs for distant learning and another email from atrrs with my actual class date. Then I got my (RFO) Request For Orders about 2-3 weeks after than with more information about the whole distant learning and WOCS information. I am still waiting on FY20 information to be posted on WOCCS.
  13. Am waiting to see them to as my WOCS class date is Feb 11 2020, I noticed that the USAWOCC's website has been down for a week+, maybe a new website or something?
  14. In this class as well but my report date is OCT 1, possibly because I am OCONUS. I noticed in the WOCS class link theres not a FY20 calendar made yet.
  15. Are you currently enlisted? Even if you're not depending on your current job try to tie that in as well. For example I talked about how as a 25U I can use my skills/knowledge with all sorts of radios/comms to be more proficient with communications as a pilot. Also, the CW4 that I sat down with and went over my packet and wrote my LOR said that even if you only have a few semesters of college(high or low gpa as well), or a random certification you have include it. It shows that you are trying to improve yourself beyond a normal high school diploma like everyone else.
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