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  1. I believe its the NOTAR system. Google can give you a better answer than me but it basically blasts air out of a port hole in the tail to counter the rotors rotation.
  2. I found this image awhile back for all the possible duty stations for specific airframes.
  3. Any idea on how pilots get picked up for that?
  4. Does anyone know of all the active and guard units that fly the Lakota?
  5. Try the 12th aviation battalion at Ft Belvoir Facebook page they might be able to point you in the right direction
  6. I am interested in hearing about some of your career experiences Where were you stationed What did you fly How was the culture/ day to day life What made it good for you Any cool TDY/missions you can talk about For those of you wrapping up your careers soon separating/retiring is there anything you wish you did differently or something you wish you had the opportunity to do?
  7. You have great asvab scores already so what I would focus on are the things you can directly control. Get a high SIFT score and quality letters of recommendation for your packet. There are some free study tools for the sift out there. The FAA website actually has downloadable pdf for the helicopter flight manual that would definitely help if you do not know much about aviation. You should study the first 4 chapters. Also highly recommend downloading the quizlet app on your phone and search for SIFT study sets. They have information that I actually came across in the test almost word for word. Lucky for you just graduating high school, math and reading comprehension should be fresh on your mind. Be sure you can do long division on paper and basic algebra like solving for X and Y. Do not let anyone convince you that you will not make it because the only people who have a say in that are big Army and medical. Only talk to warrant officer recruiters as they want you in the program and regular recruiters just want you to enlist. Find your nearest Army aviation unit and get to talking with them hopefully theyll point you towards a CW5 to help you out for your LoR. Best of luck!
  8. If your goal is to be a military helicopter pilot then youve got quite a few options. Every branch, including the coast guard, flies helicopters and planes. What you need to decide is how soon you want to be in a pilot seat because you have a lot of options with various pros/ cons. Your first option is street to seat warrant officer for the Army. Like others have said, it doesnt hurt to apply and that could be your fastest route to flying. However, I would suggest applying to all the military academies. USA, USAF, USN, and USCG all have military academies which you can go to for college if youre accepted. Its also free because you then commit to service once you graduate. They all have flying programs and most military pilots are actually selected from the academy. The downside is 4 years of college at a military academy before being able to fly. The upside is youll come out with a degree and be paid as a commissioned officer $$$ If you dont get excepted for WO street to seat or the academy then I would look into enlisting. Enlisting certainly isnt bad depending who you talk to but it can make for a much longer route to becoming a pilot. Hope this helps you decide, good luck!
  9. Thank you for the offer, once I have more of a finished packet I will reach out to you.
  10. Im in need of an active CW3-5 to help me with my package for warrant officer. I am active duty enlisted at Dover AFB DE and theres no Army flying units here, I think the closest may be Ft Belvoir, but I cant seem to find any good contact information for the unit there. Ive got my conditional release and full support from my squadron so I would really like to get this process rolling. Ill take help from anyone who is offering, thank you.
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