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  1. This is just an effort to explain how I personally am using my GI bill to learn to get my CFII and what I've learned during this process because I had a helluva time trying to figure it out searching for stuff online, including this forum, and I hope this will help someone. First, your GI Bill benefits will not pay for your private pilots license. That you're going to have to pay for yourself, either by saving your pennies (The smart way IMO), or through financing. I saved my money for a year before starting my PPL. Since you're paying for it yourself, it doesn't really matter where yo
  2. Well that's true, for trucking it'll be hard to replace delivery drivers.
  3. First let me start by saying I'm not a helicopter pilot, but I've always wanted to be. In the next 6-12 months I'll finally be able to begin training, however I have some serious concerns about the future of the industry. Self driving cars and trucks are soon to become more and more prolific. Tesla will begin rolling out self driving taxis within the next 12 months which will make regular taxis and rideshares like uber obsolete and the trucking industry is right behind them. Commercial airlines can basically fly themselves, and the military has had both remotely controlled and autonomous
  4. First let me just start out by saying I'm not yet a helicopter pilot, but that is my goal to start training in 6m to a year. However, I have some serious concerns about the future of the industry. With all the talk about autonomous self-driving cars and trucks (Tesla will being rolling out self-driving taxis within the next year and trucks are next, it's only a matter of time), is spending $90,000 becoming a helicopter pilot still a wise option? Commercial airlines can pretty much fly themselves, and the military has had remotely piloted and autonomous drones for years, what about the heli
  5. I've been trying to find a school in the RDU area, I'm assuming they're not VA Approved (I know you can't use VA to get your PPL anyway)? What's your opinion of them so far? Do they have a website?
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