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  1. I would get in to that Facebook group. I leave for BCT at Ft Leonard Wood on 21 May so I'll be at Rucker for about a month prior to WOCS start date and would be happy to help incoming classmates as much as I can
  2. Good call on getting on that wait list. I'll be arriving to Ft Rucker as an E-5, I wonder if I'd be able to get on the list as a soon-to-be WO1. Anyone have any info on this? Corvias requires a rank to get info
  3. Yea man, I cant wait. Going through BCT will be intersting seeing as Ive been AD for 12 years now, but a necessary evil for this opportunity. I guess going through BCT right before WOCS will have me extra prepared physically and mentally for everything though
  4. Ill be graduating BCT (currently active duty Coast Guard) at the end of July and my WOCS class 19-020 begins 27 or 28 August...during that month before WOCS I intend to move my family up. Is that a realistic goal or should I plan to move them up after WOCS? Im thinking it would be easier on my kids to start the school year in Enterprise on the first day of school there rather than a month later. Im also under the assumption that Ill be away from the house for the entire 5 week course? Is that accurate?
  5. Hey everyone, I am currently active duty Coast Guard and will be attending BCT at Ft Leonard Wood on 21 May. Just figured Id start the thread for class 19-020. Anybody else on here happen to be in this WOCS class or BCT with me?
  6. I was in a similar, but opposite situation as I have to leave the Coast Guard and go to BCT prior to WOCS. They put me in a class that would have me leaving earlier than I would even be able to leave the Coast Guard so I contacted Ms. Stephanie McPhan and she was able to put me in class19-020 which starts 27 August. She had me write an email explaining why, but it was super easy. Id imagine the opposite could be done since my April class now has an opening? Worth a shot
  7. I dont have access yet since Im not Army yet...Im hoping I can get access before BCT though. I do have a CAC so hopefully that helps
  8. I am currently Active Duty Coast Guard and just received word that I am in this class. I still have to attend BCT before it appears I can do Phase 1. How much time should I plan to take on Phase 1? As of now, I am trying to be complete with BCT by 01 June so I have 18 days before the deadline.
  9. Im AD as well. Im just in the non-payed sister service. Yay Coast Guard
  10. You guys are already in the Army correct? Im curious if Ill get a similar date even though I have to go through BCT first...
  11. Has any sister service selectees heard what kind of time frame from selection to WOCS date to expect on other threads?
  12. Does anybody know if there is a maximum number of LORs Active Duty can include in their packets?
  13. How do I see how many total applicants there were?
  14. He commented on the September thread that he is indeed board ready for the November board so I think his recruiter was pulling his chain
  15. The fiscal year idea makes sense...By that logic, November should be deep! 🤞🏻
  16. Not sure about civilian packages...November 1st seems to be cutting it close for the board on November 26-30
  17. I called the warrant recruiter and she looked me up by social and DOB
  18. Youd rather give up on this program rather just wait until the November, possibly january board?? Kind of a huge career path difference to take rather than waiting 2 or 4 months...your life is yours so do whats best for you, but Id strongly consider waiting for the next board
  19. Now that the September board is in the books and some of us have received the FQ-NS, time to start the November board thread. Here's to hoping the 2nd time's the charm!
  20. 27 users reading this topic...Glad I'm not the only stalker reading and re-reading yesteray's posts
  21. No word yet for AD, but my buddy in primary now just said Civilians found out the week of the board and he found the Wednesday after the board. Civilian numbers and Active duty numbers did not correlate so dont look to hard into the 25/51 civilian selection rate
  22. I called my recruiter/neighbor and he is on the phone with his boss to get info for me (sister service). Ill post when he gets back to me, but he did say civilians will hear first because the Army doesnt want to waste time and potentially let them slip away. Is AD folks are stuck so not much of a sense of urgency for us
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