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  1. My wife and I are both prior Marines in the program. I had PRK and she had Lasik. They both are acceptable. You can get the flight physical waiver 3 months after the surgery and the MEPS physical waiver required 6 months. The waivers required the documentation on the follow-ups to make sure there were no complications.
  2. My MEPS physical expired and I had to retake it even with a valid flight physical.
  3. I did. Joined from IRR. They just do a conditional release. Otherwise, you process pretty much the same as a civilian.
  4. Thanks! They told me the course is 5 weeks at MEPS but I dont see it in writing haha.
  5. Exactly, I got my contract saying I ship from MEPS to WOCS in three weeks.
  6. I just signed a contract to attend WOCS next month. As a prior service Marine I am coming in street to seat. MEPS, has been very vague on what's going to happen when I arrive at Rucker. If anyone could clue me in I'd appreciate it. Also, I am married and need to know what's going to happen with DMO and housing after completing WOCS. Any advice would be very helpful.
  7. Finally got the physical worked out. Reporting to Rucker on March 6th. Really startled by the quick date but excited. (Street to seat, prior Marine)
  8. Is the one going to Japan a 60? I would love to get stationed in Japan again.
  9. Yes, hcb is correct. They can extend it for you. If it's just past the 10 days the board can extend it and if it's past 30 they can do an exception to policy. Just has to be something that is out of your control like with my case.
  10. Kur, if your recruiter is not responding, you might try your station commander. He should be able to call your recruiting battalion and clear things up. I got in a little trouble for calling the battalion myself even though it worked for getting answers. I still had to do the battalion board when I applied so my experience is different. However, the way it worked for me was after the battalion board there was a designated person who worked at the battalion who QC'd and submitted the packages to USAREC. That's probably the person who is asking for the waiver, and that your recruiter needs to talk to. Your recruiters probably know who this person is as he would be submitting OCS packages after the OCS boards for them all the time as well. As far as the battalion commander wanting to see you, just wear a suit and he will go over your package and ask you some questions. Just a little interview, no big deal. For me it was a prerequisite to the battalion board. He probably thinks he should still do that to make sure you're good to go. In addition, you are correct about the area rep thing. I never heard of that. Maybe they are just trying to say the battalion will directly submit your package to the USAREC board thus skipping the now not required battalion board. Which is in fact the case
  11. I appreciate that! Im going to run it by my recruiter
  12. I am prior service and was selected on the civilian board last Wednesday. My MEPS physical expired last month. I had a waiver for PRK which needs to be renewed before they will give me another physical and I am told the whole command is working on getting it done fast. However, it's already COB Wednesday here in California and I am told if I am not done signing up by next Friday I will lose my seat. I am giving them time to work it out but I don't want to be kicking myself next Friday if this isn't done in time. Do you all have any advice? Also looking for knowledge on if there is anything I can do if it isn't fixed by the 31st? I am trying to stay relaxed but as you know a lot went into this and I don't want to lose out at the last minute. Thank you in advance.
  13. I have no idea why it requires a waiver as my vision is almost a perfect 20/15. I am prior service and got PRK while I was out so I could apply for this program. The flight physical approved the PRK no problem but it's the MEPS that took forever last time. Now I am waiting for them to renew it. So if they don't approve it again by the 31st and sign me up I have to reboard? I'm unsure what the protocol is for what I would do next. Do I just start over again because they couldn't fix this minor issue? This is what I've been told. They are also telling me it should only take a day or two for it to be approved again so I am trying to relax. It's just unusual because I waited months for this waiver to be approved last time. They are also telling me the whole command is involved so that is a bit comforting.
  14. Ugh MEPS has to reprocess my PRK waiver again because my physical expired. They say they have literally everyone involved to get it through in about a day so I don't lose my seat. It's scary having only till the 31st
  15. Wow, I never wanted to go OCS but that's crazy. First time I have ever heard of a whole demographic not being allowed to commission
  16. Cool, I was under the impression it was hard to get at OCS. Thanks for the correction. I am still really happy to go WO even with my degree.
  17. I do not have Army experience. However, there's Army Officers trying to board WOFT this month. They do it once a year from what I've gathered. I think that speaks volumes. In addition, an aviation contract is not guaranteed for you if you tried to go OCS. Most of the aviation slots go to the Academy guys. You'd have to be really high up in your OCS class and get lucky they had an aviation slot open to pick when it came time to branch. Food for thought
  18. Ya you hear so many horror stories of your blood pressure being a little off or they think something looks weird. Then its a whole thing. Just scary man.
  19. I just got selected and have to renew my MEPS one. It just expired. Nervous it's going to mess me up
  20. That's what it has been looking like. Hoping sooner for me since I should go straight to WOCS as a prior Marine. You never know though.
  21. Cold call away for those LORs. You still have to do the USAREC board. It's only on paper. Until recently we all had to do standing boards (in person) at our recruiting battalion as well before we could do the USAREC board. So there was 2. Now its just the 1 where they look at everyone packet.
  22. So any Marines who got out and went back in straight to WOCS here? Please message me
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