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  1. Congrats! Hoping Meps goes smoothly for us. Anyone have any insight on how long it normally takes to be given a class date?
  2. Astro! Good job staying motivated. I was just selected on my second look. I personally did not update my LORs and they were older. Though it never hurts to try to find better ones. I didn't know you could board if your flight physical was not complete. Personally, I had to have it before I even did the battalion board. I would highly suggest working on your essay and resume. That was my main focus this time. In particular, I condensed my resume to one page and took all the fluff out of my essay. However, keep your personal touch, you still want it inspiring and thought-provoking. The resume however, is in my opinion, your biggest chance to shine. Highlight all the experiences where you've had the chance to lead, gave back to the community, and or learned. Most importantly, keep that positive attitude! Good luck on your PT test.
  3. I was in from 2011-16 and the worst that happened to me during a shut down was the DMO civilians were out when I needed to PCS
  4. AGE: 28 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 83/125 SIFT: 54 APFT: 289 EDUCATION: Bachelors of Business Administration 3.2 GPA, AS Criminal Justice,GED FLIGHT: N/A BOARD: Passed Standing Board LORS: Marine Major (former OIC), Marine LtCol (C130 Pilot/CO), Marine 1stSgt, Marine SgtMaj OTHER INFO: prior service Marine E5 (if you couldn't tell by my LORs), got out in 2016, lots of volunteer hours WAIVER: PRK SELECTED: Yes, Jan 2019 board (second look)
  5. Selected!!!! On my second look! Never give up! Thank you Duckhawk for all the support!!
  6. Should be around the end of the week. Last time it was Friday.
  7. Uhthats a lot better than we usually do. Uhh, alright, you think we're ready guys? LEEEEEROY JEEENKINS
  8. Any prior Marines notice that the Army calculates GT score differently? Specifically, the Army uses (WK+PC+AR) instead of (VE+AR) to calculate GT. Are our scores automatically updated? I remember telling my recruiter mine was 125 and that being about it.
  9. There are fewer civilian applicants than I can count on one hand. In contrast, there must be a lot out there on their second chance, like me. Afterall, so many were not selected last time.
  10. Been there! Keep your head up man, you're a great candidate.
  11. I hate to say it but there is not a way to predict selection rates unless someone leaked them somehow. The last two boards the number of selectees dropped. However, until then nearly every civilian was selected for about a year. Before that, the number always fluctuated. If you don't get selected the first time do not give up. It appears that more than a few applicants found luck on their second attempt. Some of them claimed they didn't even update anything. We have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. On a positive note, your package does sound very competitive.
  12. November board it was 20/48 for civilian selections. September was slightly higher.
  13. I think you got bad info. Jan board is 14-18th. Submission deadline was Nov 30https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/BOARD_SCHEDULE/ Edit: it looks like you're looking at the battalion OCS board schedule and not the USAREC WO board schedule. It used to be a requirement to do a battalion board first but I don't think it is a requirement anymore.
  14. Not selected last board. Prior service Marine Sgt, 5 years 28 years old 289 APFT 125 GT 54 SIFT Education: AS in criminal justice, and a nearly completed BBA (less than 3 classes left) 3.2 GPA
  15. Non-selected Prior service Marine Sgt, 5 years active 289 APFT 125 GT 54 SIFT Education: AS in criminal justice 3.6 GPA over 120 credits towards BBA (less than 3 classes left) I was confident that I had a strong chance. After seeing the averages of the selected I am left confused. However, congratulations to everyone who made it. I'll see everyone else in Jan.
  16. Just a reminder, Please, let us know if you get selected and if you haven't posted your stats please post them. It will really help out future applicants.
  17. Everyone on here is so competitive. I sure hope it's over 49% this time
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