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  1. First thing to change... dont write you believe or think. It needs to show confidence. Change it to I know...
  2. Lmao its funny you bring this up because I literally never met my SWO in person and only ever talked to him for a total of 10 minutes over the phone. I think I lucked out and he was able to formulate a good LOR based off of my NCOERs and LORs from my chain of command.
  3. Same exact situation for me. There aren't any mil book subpages for that class either. I'm kind of glad I got moved to this class since it's a lot sooner.
  4. I checked milsuite and black board, no updates or anything serious. I tried getting on ATTRS from my home computer since Im on PCS leave and that didnt work out... there arent any 19-501 pages on milsuite, so Im a little confused on that whole situation.
  5. Anyone selected from the last few boards get their class dates changed? Mine was 19-017 and I just got an email saying my reservation was cancelled and I got a new ATRRS class enrollment email for 501 starting in early May.
  6. Typically USMC and SOF side of the Air Force dont attend basic training for Entering the Army. Pretty sure they would go through WOCS directly and get their basic clothing issue at Rucker.
  7. Ugh SERE in the winter in the fall or winter is going to suck!
  8. Preferably the proctor. Im sure any qualified to proctor exams can do it. I wouldnt sweat it that much.
  9. FYI your SIFT Score will disappear from your GOARMYED account after a certain amount of time. Always retain a hard copy or a scan in your email. Btw, the score will record will stay, however the actual memo with your test results will not be accessible after a while.
  10. Ugh, being in Korea sucks. Im stuck on a base out in the middle of nowhere and my physical is about to expire while I patiently wait for a class date. I literally have to travel half way across the country for a physical... what kind of bs is that?
  11. Whats the time between AD selection and classing up? I know the email says typically between 30-90 days... doesnt normally take that long? Im in Korea, getting ready to PCS in December... will my orders back to Bragg be canceled?
  12. Unfortunately no, more like DJF lol. I think the majority of them are pretty awesome.
  13. Age:28 Gt:128 Sift:54 Apft:293 Military:10 years AD SSG MOS 14p College:36 gpa 2.7 oops lol LORS: 3 O3, O5, CW4 standardization pilot in Korea Physical: with a waiver stamped Flight time:0 other than jumping out of perfectly good aircraft while in flight!
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