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  1. AGE: 26 MILITARY: Active Duty Army - 91B - SSG - 8 years TIS - 2 Deployments GT: 116 SIFT: 56 APFT: 291 EDUCATION: 16 Credits at ERAU towards BS-Aeronautics FLIGHT: NONE LOR: O-3, O-4, CW5, MAJ (AV), BG (AV) WAIVERS: NONE (Rolled 8 years during the COVID hold) Selected first look after being a FQ-NS/NS-NC in 2018
  2. I have a much higher profile job now, and a couple of good NCOERS. Just keep looking for more letters, I had my three (CW5) along with a Aviation Major and an Aviation 1 Star.
  3. As far as I know yes, make sure you review your packet again and try to strengthen it as much as you can.
  4. Keep trying! I had two looks in 2018, and just got selected now.
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