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  1. Also get rid of this because it's on the job description of 09W on the go army website. They already know you'll be doing this. " I understand that as a U.S. Army Warrant Officer, my main role will be as a leader. I am aware that as a leader, I will be required to swiftly make difficult decisions. Most importantly I intend to be attentive to my team, rather than make decisions alone. As an Aviator, I will look to experienced crew members to assist me when a difficult task arises. However, I am prepared to assume the responsibility and make the final decision, no matter how strenuous the
  2. Lots of work needed for this essay. I'm not a part of that warrant officer selection board and I can't guarantee what they look for but I was selected on my first look on a 48% acceptance board so I'll give you my opinions on your essay. If this seems mean, I don't intend it to be. I want you to put your best foot forward and be selected. First of all, something that really turned me off your entire essay reading once through is why you want to join the army. " I have been given V.A. educational benefits to attend college. Because of those benefits, I believe it is my duty to give back
  3. You sign up for the MOS 09W, Warrant Officer candidate. 3 year AD contract w/ 5 in inactive reserve. (you sign your longer contract after you complete flight school).
  4. Hell yeah, sign your contract asap. I'm pretty sure its first come first serve on earlier civilian slots. Get a July bct date.
  5. Hell yeah, I was pulling for you. Now sign your contract asap and snag a July bct date.
  6. idk if that caused it to drop. I was a part of the last board that required the battalion board and that yielded 49% acceptance.
  7. I wonder if this board will mirror the last three with ~40-50% acceptance rate or whether it will go back up to 100% like the one's 4/5 boards ago. The anticipation is killing me and I was selected in the September board lol.
  8. There is no way the U.S. would trust a supplier in another country to build present day aircrafts. Just imagine the risks of another country installing the software on our aircrafts. Cars are one thing but even they can be remotely disabled from a device called a "starter interrupter". Now imagine an overseas company with the capabilities of sabotaging our entire fleet.
  9. I wish you luck. I leave for bct in July, hopefully we get the same class!
  10. Thanks for all your responses. I'm just hoping for the best but expecting the worst. If there is the slightest chance of accomplishing something that will save time and yield the same results I tend to explore every single avenue. I try to remain hopeful.
  11. Nope. There are many bct slots. Also if you look back at the Nov and Jan board they are not prior service.
  12. I got news from my recruiters today that there is nothing they can do. This is a hail mary for me hoping someone on this forum had luck switching ship out dates, or know someone who has, or even know someone who could authorize that. It looks like they have earlier wocs slots open since civilians getting accepted in later boards are leaving earlier.
  13. Hey all, Does anyone know if it is possible to get an earlier ship out date for WOFT? I was accepted in the September 2018 civilian board and got dates to ship out to BCT in July 2019 and WOFT in October 2019. It looks like the civilian candidates from the December 2018 and January 2019 board are all leaving for BCT in February 2019. I have contacted my recruiters to try and see if we can get an earlier date but so far no luck. They tell me that I am SOL because I already signed up for a date. I am really excited about this opportunity and if there is any way that I can get an earlier s
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