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  1. Also get rid of this because it's on the job description of 09W on the go army website. They already know you'll be doing this. " I understand that as a U.S. Army Warrant Officer, my main role will be as a leader. I am aware that as a leader, I will be required to swiftly make difficult decisions. Most importantly I intend to be attentive to my team, rather than make decisions alone. As an Aviator, I will look to experienced crew members to assist me when a difficult task arises. However, I am prepared to assume the responsibility and make the final decision, no matter how strenuous the circumstances. Following leadership, I recognize that a Warrant Officer’s responsibility is as a technical expert. I am prepared to be a professional that others can seek for guidance. "
  2. Lots of work needed for this essay. I'm not a part of that warrant officer selection board and I can't guarantee what they look for but I was selected on my first look on a 48% acceptance board so I'll give you my opinions on your essay. If this seems mean, I don't intend it to be. I want you to put your best foot forward and be selected. First of all, something that really turned me off your entire essay reading once through is why you want to join the army. " I have been given V.A. educational benefits to attend college. Because of those benefits, I believe it is my duty to give back to my community..." That's the weakest drive I have ever heard. You want to serve the army because they paid your bills. If another country decided to pay your bills would you be loyal to them instead of us? I would structure your essay like this: Find a good drive and then put it as an attention grabber in the beginning of your essay. On the second paragraph I would speak of leadership based on how you wrote your essay. You already talked about how you would lead but do you have any track record of leading? In my essay I talked about philanthropy, fundraisers, and community service events I was led, created and some that I was involved in. Third I would talk about your education. They paid for your school so you majored in something. How did what you learn help the U.S. Army. Are there any skills you have learned that will make it an easier transition? Fourth, I would maybe talk about what your father did and how it solidifies your drive. I do know they like it when there is family history when serving. Here's my essay if you need any advice but don't plagiarize it. Also the philanthropy, fundraising and community service events are explained in detail on my resume. Essay: Through my experiences, I can safely say that America is the greatest country on earth. I came from ------, a country with high levels of corruption and poverty. It was common to see politicians embezzle funds from the taxes of citizens and get away with crimes. Once I left the ------- and became a naturalized American citizen, I grown to learn that this country and its values are worth defending. Given the turmoil around the world and the increasing threats to our democracy, I realized that I have a duty to serve America and the best way I know how to do this is to become a Warrant Officer. I have always had a passion for doing what was right. While I was in college I took the opportunity to create and lead committees on fundraising, philanthropy and community service events. Becoming a Warrant Officer would expand on my passion by taking it to a much larger scale. Instead of improving a small group, I would be leading a group of the bravest Americans into a mission to protect and bolster American values. I graduated from the ------ with a ---- GPA. Upon graduation I had received several job offers and currently work as a ----- at ------. Although I could continue going the civilian route, I understand that it is time to pursue my passion and do something bigger than myself. I know that the skills I have learned, experiences I have gone through, my commitment to service and my drive will position me to be a great Warrant Officer. Because my grandfather served as a (branch and rank) and a (job) in World War II, I understand that sacrifices have to be made in order to protect our values. I am willing to make those sacrifices in order to lead the brave men and women of the United States Army. --- And lastly make a resume. You graduated with a major in physics. you say you don't have much experience, so instead of including work experience explode your resume with classes you have taken and what you did in them. PHYS 1530 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics PHYS 2020 Mathematical Methods of Engineers and Physicists PHYS 2470 Advanced Statistical Mechanics Take any of these and similar to these? Huge plus, you already stand out!
  3. You sign up for the MOS 09W, Warrant Officer candidate. 3 year AD contract w/ 5 in inactive reserve. (you sign your longer contract after you complete flight school).
  4. Hell yeah, sign your contract asap. I'm pretty sure its first come first serve on earlier civilian slots. Get a July bct date.
  5. Hell yeah, I was pulling for you. Now sign your contract asap and snag a July bct date.
  6. idk if that caused it to drop. I was a part of the last board that required the battalion board and that yielded 49% acceptance.
  7. I wonder if this board will mirror the last three with ~40-50% acceptance rate or whether it will go back up to 100% like the one's 4/5 boards ago. The anticipation is killing me and I was selected in the September board lol.
  8. There is no way the U.S. would trust a supplier in another country to build present day aircrafts. Just imagine the risks of another country installing the software on our aircrafts. Cars are one thing but even they can be remotely disabled from a device called a "starter interrupter". Now imagine an overseas company with the capabilities of sabotaging our entire fleet.
  9. I wish you luck. I leave for bct in July, hopefully we get the same class!
  10. Thanks for all your responses. I'm just hoping for the best but expecting the worst. If there is the slightest chance of accomplishing something that will save time and yield the same results I tend to explore every single avenue. I try to remain hopeful.
  11. Nope. There are many bct slots. Also if you look back at the Nov and Jan board they are not prior service.
  12. I got news from my recruiters today that there is nothing they can do. This is a hail mary for me hoping someone on this forum had luck switching ship out dates, or know someone who has, or even know someone who could authorize that. It looks like they have earlier wocs slots open since civilians getting accepted in later boards are leaving earlier.
  13. Hey all, Does anyone know if it is possible to get an earlier ship out date for WOFT? I was accepted in the September 2018 civilian board and got dates to ship out to BCT in July 2019 and WOFT in October 2019. It looks like the civilian candidates from the December 2018 and January 2019 board are all leaving for BCT in February 2019. I have contacted my recruiters to try and see if we can get an earlier date but so far no luck. They tell me that I am SOL because I already signed up for a date. I am really excited about this opportunity and if there is any way that I can get an earlier slot, please let me know. I applied with a 280 pft score, and I have no doubt I can get a perfect pt score now so a delayed entry program is not necessary for me to get ready. Thanks!
  14. This advice might be able to buy you more time. I was selected in the September civilian board and when I tried to sign they had no open slots for wocs classes. I had a deadline too. The board said I had 10 days to sign UNLESS there were things that prevented me from signing that was out of my control. I had meps inform the board that I wanted to sign but there were no slots open and they extended the deadline. I signed 3-4 days after the deadline to sign.
  15. you'll definitely be doing the depth perception test during flight physical. I also have always had great vision, naturally 20/10 in both eyes on my last doctors visit but I did consider the depth perception test very challenging. The dots are the hardest ones, I breeze through every other depth perception category in the book. I believe mine were 5 sets of circles for each line. It gets progressively harder. I breezed through lines 1,2,3 4, and 5 and then slowed down for lines 6-10 to the point where the doc kept saying, "well... which one is it?".
  16. Congrats! I was pulling for you and alex2391 as I recognized your names from the September board.
  17. most civs from the sept board wait till oct wocs. Maybe it's a sign? Maybe the s-97 raider will come out and we'll get the newest helo .
  18. Are those slots for active duty only? I am wondering whether I can switch my third quarter wocs date to one of those earlier dates.
  19. I just signed today 16 July 2019 BCT 3 Oct 2019 WOCS If anyone hears of a new wocs class that gets created for an earlier date or if a slot frees up for an earlier class please let me know! I'm keeping an eye on earlier ship dates.
  20. I find out the dates officially on Tuesday as well. The July 15th intel I got was from the chief warrant 3. I am hoping he got the bct and wocs dates mixed up but I was advised that the next bct for those who haven't signed is july 15th. Unfortunately this is all out of our control.
  21. I've been in contact with a chief warrant 3, my recruiter and talking to my family to figure out the next best move. It's close to a year of waiting and it sounds like the only way I can get an earlier slot is if someone "washes out" and my recruiter quickly takes that slot for me.
  22. Civilian, the february bct and may wocs filled up three days ago. Apparently they selected more candidates than they had class slots so now there is a holdover. They had to make a new class to accommodate the others who were selected but have yet to sign. that accommodation is now bct July wocs sept. I'm probably going to share the same bct as half the january civilian board.
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