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  1. Same! Sooner than I was expecting based on what people in the last few selection boards were saying!
  2. Heard a few guys from the November board got WOCS report dates for May today, anybody else?
  3. I updated my resume but like Brickle there was nothing really I could do to make it stronger. The CW5 who wrote my LOR did re-write his rec but USAREC didnt get it into my packet in time.
  4. AD and one of the WOs who sponsored my packet called me yesterday with the news. List should go out early next week.
  5. Thanks everyone! I got selected on my second look!
  6. Got selected after getting FQ NS in September. Keep your head up if you didnt make it this board, make your packet stronger if you can.
  7. Agreed - Sounds like a lot of us are up for our second look. Wonder when we will hear results.
  8. Same, Kramey. Hopefully we get better news this time!
  9. I was thinking the same thing, Alex. Boards are much quieter this go round.
  10. Its almost that time fellas. Hows everyone feeling?
  11. I really hope you are right! Hoping to see some of us from the Sept board selected next month!
  12. Would anybody who got selected be willing to send me their resume? Im curious to see how it compares to mine (I touched on leadership experience and my time in the Army thus far, 10 years)
  13. Thanks guys. Counting the days til the November board. Hoping for a better outcome.
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