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  1. Yes, it does sound like there are lower numbers putting in for vacancies, but I don't think the situation is dire yet. However, I think there are probably others that are much more qualified to answer that question than myself. I did have a great time at the conference though and I'm grateful for the experience and the valuable information I gained. I learned a great deal about the industry, met a lot of people, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to find out more about the industry or wanting to change jobs within the industry. I'm sure I will be back in the future. Thank you
  2. It has been a great conference so far and I'm sure tomorrow will be right in line with how it has gone so far. A lot of very knowledgable pilots with great information. An opportunity that I think would be beneficial to any pilot new or old even if you aren't currently looking for a career change as you may again some day!
  3. Is that different than the happy hour meet and great later this evening?
  4. I'm in town. If anyone sees this and wants to meet up for a bite to eat beforehand shoot me a message!
  5. Who is going to HeliSuccess? This will be my first year attending. I'm really looking forward to it and have heard great thing but nothing first hand. Anyone have any Success stories from previous years?
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