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  1. Ok. Thanks again for the information. See you all later.
  2. The assumption of the gravity of the situation on your part is really jumping to a conclusion without any facts or evidence. In regards to the board, they see the conviction, the end--understandable. The reality of the situation was that he never actually drove but was parked with the keys in the ignition and the heat running because he didn't want to drive. Bad decision? Yes. "Jail level mistake"? No. He didn't do any property damage, didn't endanger anyone's life but, felt compelled to own up to his mistake no matter the repercussions because that seemed like the "right thing to do". P
  3. I do see some rationale in enlisting in the NG, excelling, behaving yourself, getting some more distance between yourself and the infraction, and getting in the cockpit before the cutoff age.
  4. I think it's easy enough to come to the conclusion that whether you go enlisted, warrant, or officer, you're going to need a waiver initially. Now, if you're already AD, have a clearance and have obviously been cleared with a waiver, why would you need to go through a waiver process twice? It would seem redundant but, it is the military. It could potentially be something they would look at as a different entity within the same organization e.g. your waiver would be reviewed by one part of the Army for enlisted and when it came time to go WOFT, your waiver would have to be reviewed by a comp
  5. I'll keep you posted on my cousin's progress and if there's a route, we'll find it and make it in. It will be interesting to see what happens. Uphill battle for sure.
  6. "significant aftercare" is not really an extensive and rigorous external program and again, this HIMS program is unique only for the FAA so if he were to go military, whether enlisted guard or street to seat in either guard, reserve, or AD, he wouldn't need to do anything that requires time away from his duties. As someone said, if the 30 day inpatient would leave him "dead in the water", he could simply just continue doing what he does: volunteer extensively, work three jobs, maybe take a college class, attend AA, etc... and use that to enlist in NG or AD Army and then go WOFT from there.
  7. Why would the compulsory FAA inpatient 30 day adversely affect his chances? We knew a couple marine pilots who went through the HIMS program solely for IFS (I think it's called) where they required a FAA third class medical for civilian flight training prior to their military flight training. They had gone through the program during their screw ups in delayed entry. We do know of people who have been accepted with DUI's into the WOFT program but I wanted to be more versed in the specifics and percentages. The length of time from the DUI to packet would be of concern. I do need to make a
  8. Good Morning, Longtime lurker here. Thanks for all you do on this forum. I have a hypothetical question: What are the chances of a candidate being successful for WOFT with a prior DUI (civilian)? DUI in 2017, off probation early in 2019 and eligible to enlist. Candidate has strong packet and made a mistake where record was clean prior to event. FAA Com. Ratings in Fixed-wing. Candidate went through FAA HIMS program: 1. 30 day inpatient rehab 2. Outpatient intensive care 3. 90 AA meetings in 90 days 4. HIMS AME Psychiatric Evaluation 5. Significant Aftercare which will cont
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