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  1. So when I did my inter service transfer and reverted at the same time I went to MEPS they cut me orders and put me on a plane to Dothan. And yes you should submit your paperwork as soon as you get selected so you don’t get stuck somewhere you shouldn’t be (i.e. in hold platoon at WOCS HHC)
  2. No idea about ship date, but I bet MEPS sends you here like you are goin to WOCS. That’s what they did for me and I had to wait here for my 4187 to process for equivalent credit (from OCS). If I were you I would have that and the supporting documents ready to go so the day you get selected you can submit it to the WOCC. Took about a month for mine to come back approved. If you have any questions on it let me know.
  3. So truthfully no recruiter should (or will) talk to you until the 368 is in hand. Mine took about 4 months to get signed and returned to me, and I had to make a lot of phone calls at every level to keep it moving. Keep in mind that per MCO the USMC will not approve a 368 to release you from your initial contract, not sure if this affects you or not but if you’re only on your first enlistment and you still have time left you will have to wait. I cannot speak to national guard because I went active. Mine was also a very special case because my recruiter screwed up and put me in the system wrong. So some of my paperwork did not match what most here submitted and my path into and through flight school has been non traditional to say the least. But the resume should be self explanatory, show what you have done and make your responsibilities shine. A strong essay and good LOR’s will be extremely important. my biggest piece of advice is be extremely patient, everything moves slow but if you stick with it and make a strong packet you will have a good chance
  4. Well sounds like you have a solid plan and are getting your ducks in a row. Do you have the coveted DD-368 yet? If not that should be priority number 1 as the strongest packet in the world won’t do you any good if the board can’t see it. Feel free to dm me any specific questions. I did my ist less than a year ago
  5. If you are already waiting for the March board (or later), definitely get an LOR from an Army aviator for all the reasons that have already been said. This is an extremely important piece to the packet. Good luck with the new recruiter, I had to switch as well, hopefully you can stay with the same MEPS district to make life easy
  6. Not to mention unless something has changed, they don’t get to decide if you go up for the second board. My understanding is the packet automatically goes to the next board in the case of a FQ-NS. Updates are put in to help but the recruiters don’t “resubmit”
  7. I would tend to listen more to this guy, he has WAY more experience than me. I was simply stating what we are told here at Rucker for the polarized lenses. I have also never seen anyone wear any sunglasses with their helmet/visor tinted or clear.
  8. So if the sunglasses are polarized then you won’t be able to see the Garmin GPS screen. Also the flight helmet has a tinted sun visor so you would be wearing sunglasses under the sun visor. You're allowed to wear sunglasses (as long as they aren’t polarized) but you look funny with both on.
  9. Also it’s no problem wearing glasses in the cockpit. I just wouldn’t recommend sunglasses with your helmet. Just use the visor
  10. They now are issuing a flight approved fleece in the wrong color scheme as well
  11. As has been said many times before, don’t take yourself out of the process for fear. Force the board to make a decision. I have plenty of people in my flight school class that don’t have college at all. You’ve got some strong stats so submit!
  12. Well I started the process before I was in the IRR so I routed it thru my normal chain. Then made a bunch of phone calls to manpower to get it taken care of. But I was in the SMCR when I started so it was always being handled by the reserve side o the house
  13. Try getting all your part 1 stuff done somewhere else? I was active marine when I got mine done there but I was all the way down in Pendleton so wasn’t going to drive up a bunch of times. I got all my optometry/bloodwork/ekg done on Pendleton and sent them the paperwork then they scheduled me for my part 2. Not sure if this is an option for you
  14. I have been using WingX Pro, they give it to you for free for being military. My IP swears by Flight Plan Go so I downloaded that too but haven’t gotten into it yet. I also haven’t downloaded all the DOD FLIP yet so I still carry all my paper pubs to the aircraft.
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