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  1. Unfortunately the answer isn’t exactly simple. I’m going to give you the standard answer. It depends on what you want. If you want to fly helicopters, you’re all but guaranteed to do that in the army. If you want to fly jets look elsewhere. looking at the Marines vs Army, you need to have a degree to fly in the Marines as you must be a commissioned officer. In the army you can go warrant and not need that expensive piece of paper. I honestly can’t speak to the life of a warrant at a flight company because I haven’t gotten there yet but as a Marine pilot, expect to not fly much. The Marine Corps has a bad problem of not having what they need to keep aircraft up whether it be money or parts, or the money to actually fly. I know many pilots who have to get hours waivers because they fly less than 20 hours in a 6 month period. Plus as an officer you are expected to be that officer first then your ground job and then a pilot third. The training pipeline is much longer in the Marines as well but you do get to fly some pretty awesome aircraft so it’s really not that bad
  2. This is still the case today. Graduation day (after you are done with both advanced airframe and WOBC b) is when you get your wings. Essentially when you PCS away from Rucker
  3. Understood, ultimately it doesn’t affect me because I have a 6 year contract, and of course not having served in an Army Aviation unit I did not know about lack of flight time. I was interested to see the reasoning behind all the hullabaloo over the new stuff as my viewpoint didn’t change that much. Let’s see what the next 6 years bring and I can make my decision then
  4. What ratings would you like to see? When I leave flight school I will have my FAA Commercial Instrument Rotary Wing ticket, and thanks to the credentialing program also my fixed wing Private Pilots License. I’m not necessarily arguing with you but the other branches have a pilot shortage as well. Just look at the air force who a couple years ago un-retired a metric butt load of pilots. I know who is concerned about it, and you are right it’s mostly those who have been there and done that, but on the other hand I’m coming up on 7 years TIS myself and I would have no problem signing a 10 year contract to fly.
  5. I don’t know why everyone is getting so bent out of shape about the 10 year commitment. I can’t speak for what the Air Force does but in the Navy/Marine Corps, the basic ADSO is 8 years starting post flight school with more years tacked on if you go certain airframes. Also getting through the pipeline at Pensacola is a 2 year MINIMUM ordeal, so by the time you wing, you are already a senior 1stLt or a Capt. Yeah the ADSO might be lower but that clock doesn’t start for longer. The Army seems to have the shortest flight school timeline from what I can tell, which means the clock starts ticking for you sooner than the other branches. Also as was stated by Zaurus, the army is the only branch that will allow someone to fly without first obtaining a college degree. It really all evens out in the end, and which branch one goes to should be based on the mission/type of aircraft they want. Each branch does its own thing with aviation so a prospective pilot should do the research and introspective thinking to figure out what the best fit is for them, then pursue that with everything they’ve got.
  6. I’m not sure if there is a true regulation, looking at the packet I submitted it doesn’t reference anything. It just says “requests equivalent credit based on prior commissioning” and you provide supporting documents to prove it
  7. I’ve got several friends who have dogs here at flight school. They seem to make it work just fine. I suppose it would be dog dependent but it’s no big deal
  8. For the vet I absolutely recommend Ozark Veterinary Clinic. They are unique where they don’t do appointments for routine care so you sometimes have to wait a little bit, but they are great and not too expensive either.
  9. This! I’m scheduled to graduate, 1st or 2nd week of September. Getting in just under the wire. I am planning on staying in anyway but that 10 year also looms big if everything sucks and you hate it
  10. If you fill out a form 4187 requesting equivalent course credit for WOCS and submit supporting documentation they may give you the credit and let you bypass it. This is what I did, got the credit and went straight to B Co and started the flight school POI. If you want, DM me with your email and I can send you what my packet looked like for reference.
  11. I ended up getting a finger light, if I were to do it over again I would not have gotten one. I had a hard time using it because it took one of my hands away from me when I needed the light. I also had to have it pretty tight around my finger to keep it from moving around and on a 3+ hour flight it kinda got annoying. Also it would get caught on things when It was on, things like the door latches when closing after a refuel. I don’t remember what brand it is but I got it at the hanger.
  12. The bus is mandatory for primary and instrument students, it doesn’t matter what you drive. Once you make it to BWS and move airfields you will get to drive. And as stated advanced aircraft is all drive yourself
  13. What he said. WOBC should not be on your list of concerns.
  14. I came up close to needing an age waiver, the regulation actually states you must start flight school prior to your 33rd birthday. However get selected when your still under age and the waiver will come if you even need it
  15. Here is the current board schedule from the warrant officer recruiting web page. Yes there are some deviations due to COVID-19 but those should be captured in the Miller message 20-082.
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