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  1. My experience was that the recruiter wouldn’t even talk to me without a signed 368 in hand. And I doubt the board will select you without knowing you have been released from you obligation to another service. But things may have changed in the last 8 months. Do what you need to keep moving forward but don’t count on being able to get this later
  2. Don’t want to scare you but mine took 4 months to be returned to me. However don’t be afraid to make phone calls. No one cares about your career more than you do. I ended up calling a Major down at manpower to get mine done, I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I was a Capt and about to leave the USMC so what were they gonna do kick me out?
  3. I transferred to the Army from the IRR with a DD-368 conditional release. Im pretty sure that was the only extra document I had, and it proved that the USMC was going to let me go if I got selected.
  4. Yes, half of my package was the Army form, and half was just regular paperwork. I got selected first look I was technically S2S but still in the IRR. I think it has more to do with the strength of the packet than the forms used. Your mileage may vary and someone may correct me, but that was my experience on the March 2019 board
  5. I was in the USMC when I had it done so I got all of my part 1 appointments done on the base I was stationed at, sent everything up to them at Irwin and scheduled myself for the part 2. Since you are a civilian your recruiter needs to schedule the part 1/2 for you (I believe) and you will unfortunately need to go twice.
  6. Basically you just need someone to schedule it for you. In order to go to the board you MUST have a signed and stamped qualifying flight physical. QC WILL kick it back without one.
  7. I talked to my IP about it, and he said the only reason the 5 doesn’t have an AWR is because the iPads come out so often no one wants to spend the money on testing it. The general consensus is that it’s perfectly fine to fly with them because they are basically the same as the 4
  8. Once you graduate WOCS you will inprocess into B Co, at that time you will be given “PCS Leave” it’s a 10 day period for you to get all your stuff here and find a place to live. This is not chargeable annual leave so it won’t count against your balance. Also the staff here are willing to work with students, if you need some time they will let you take leave
  9. I PCSd as an IST but didnt go to BCT so take this with a grain of salt. I believe what I have heard from those that did go to basic was you attend BCT on TDY orders and then get PCS orders to Rucker for WOCS and flight school. I dont think any of them moved their stuff anywhere until after BCT and some even after WOCS. Your mileage may vary
  10. To my knowledge flight programs do not qualify for any bonuses. Someone else may correct me but Im pretty sure the answer is no
  11. That should be a sign for you that tells you you are still good. Trust me I know what it means to get into the gnats ass detail and worry about everything. But do yourself a favor and just ride the wave. You dont need another flight physical until 18 months, also something I learned once I got here is what you have now is just a qualifying physical, once you get here and thru WOCS you will get a student flight physical whether you have 6 days left on one or the full 18 months. For now you are good, focus on what else you can control
  12. It still goes by the OML, but about a week or 2 before selection you put your choices ranked 1-4 in the computer system. Then the cadre go through and assign your airframe based off available platforms and your choices in OML order. For example: They have a list of available platforms, and the list of student choices. The #1 wants C12 they look at the list of aircraft and find there is a C12 available, #1 gets it. #2 also wants C12, they look at the list and find there are no more C12s so they see what #2s second choice is, its 47s and there are 47s left on the list #2 gets their second choice of 47s. This goes on for the rest of the class OML. Then on Selection day they announce the #1 warrant and #1 LT then the rest in alphabetical order.
  13. They are starting to call it reveal now....... unofficially of course
  14. I was selected this past March using a physical that went past 12 months from initiation, current regs are 18 months.
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