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  1. Lots of things have changed since that picture was taken. It’s now more of a reveal than selection these days
  2. I selected 2 weeks before Shadowlurker and there was only one set of numbers that included WO’s LT’s and Guard/Reserve. We had 3 C12 (2WO, 1LT), 3 47 (2 guard, 1 active warrant), 20 60M (mix of all), 13 64 (mix of all)
  3. Well said, things are changing constantly. The General had a virtual town hall last night where he put out his guidance and policies for the coming weeks, and then today we got word that those policies may be changing or adjusted. Everything is in flux and the command team is working to minimize the threat to everyone but it is such a fluid environment it’s hard to say what is actually going to happen.
  4. However we did just get word that academics are still happening via distance learning platforms like Zoom and Google Class
  5. Right now all flight training is still a go. The academics are starting to be phased into a distance learning format but flying is still happening on schedule (weather pending of course). So far the only training that looks to be affected is WOCS, ILE, WOSSE, etc. due to the stop movement order. If you are here already they will train you.
  6. Look I understand the get it done itis, but this is not a fast process. The vast majority of those in my flight school class took 10+ months to get their packet in front of the board, with sever taking well over a year. My packet was 18 months from start to selection and I got picked up on my first look. My point is to not rush things. You want to make your packet as absolutely strong as possible BEFORE it gets submitted. If that means you miss a couple boards then so be it. It’s a couple of months trade for potentially the rest of your career. Get the physical done first, make your PT score as high as possible. Write and rewrite your essay if need be. Get your ducks in a row before you rush into it and get let down
  7. As far as canceling the board. I don’t believe that’s entirely true. In another thread there was something that said they were postponing the boards for right now but were still accepting application packets
  8. I would agree. AR 95-1 is kinda the aviation bible, it tells you a baseline for when you can fly, how much fuel you have to have, what equipment must be onboard, etc. The only other publication that might come close is TC 3-04.4 Fundamentals of Flight, which delves into the aerodynamics of both rotary and fixed wing flight in multiple situations.
  9. https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2112213/statement-by-the-department-of-defense-on-domestic-travel-restrictions/
  10. Thanks! I am looking to stick with helicopters when I get out. After talking with some other pilots I think I’m going to put 60’s at the top of my list.
  11. So I am about a week from selection and am having a hard time choosing between 60’s and 47’s. Can the collective wealth give me some insights into both sides? I came to flight school wanting 60’s because I like the mission versatility and I like the aircraft, but have heard the community can be hit or miss. Now the 47 has a similar mission set with a few obvious deviations but I have heard the community is awesome. looking past the Army (because we all get out at some point) I feel like there is an easier transition from the 60 because it’s a conventional helicopter. Any insights on this as well?
  12. I did not have to go to either BCT (Marine exemption) or WOCS (prior O exemption)
  13. I had LORs from the Marine side, but also made sure I had some from the Army Aviation side as well. Had a CW4 60 pilot and a CPT 64 pilot write me LORs in addition to the ones from the USMC.
  14. Yeah make sure you get that squared away, don’t be like me. The day I did MEPS also an IST I walked in a Capt and walked out an E5.........
  15. If you are current, it should transfer no problem. Mine transferred from the USMC to the Army. It may be a good idea to get a letter of determination from your S2 showing it’s valid and when it expires just as a back up though
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