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  1. Damnit, just when I think I understand what’s going on I miss the change haha
  2. A conditional release is only “automatically” denied during your first contract. Beyond that they have no basis to deny it, but beware it can take MONTHS to get approved with lots of phone calls to people you normally won’t talk to. There are a bunch of Marines who have made the jump don’t let the word no stop you.
  3. Sorry to say but it applies to everyone.
  4. Just saw that today. It says “for this fiscal year” so hopefully it will go back to $4000 next year
  5. Also you can use the Army Credentialing Program and get $4K per year toward your ratings and you won’t ever touch your GI bill using that funding.
  6. This is the first essay I have read and reviewed so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. You have a very strong resume, you have a lot of really good experience. But that’s just it, your essay reads like a resume. To me it seemed like there were only two sentences in the whole thing that talks about your future with the Army. You’ve done a great job highlighting the intelligence side of things; after reading that I am 100% convinced you posses the intellect (and then some) to get through flight school, but there isn’t anything on the motivation to go through flight school.
  7. When I was creating my packet, I was in the USMC and just called up the nearest Army flight clinic to where I was stationed and just made an appointment. They didn’t seem to care too much that I wasn’t assigned to the unit on that base, just that I had all of the paperwork squared away for the physical. Best bet is to just call the flight clinic at whatever post you want to get it done at and ask.
  8. Read the Aeromedical Policy Letter on heart conditions to see if a waiver will be granted. A lot of the APL’s will state waiver considered on case by case basis for rated aviators with no waivers granted for flight school students. So make sure it doesn’t say that before you do anything you don’t want to do. Also as I understand it there are not classes for flight physicals in the Army, you either have one or you don’t. But an Army flight physical does equal an FAA class 3
  9. Yep, I can’t speak from experience for any other branch than the Marines, but they have Air, Ground, and Law contracts. An officer candidate signs one of those contracts upon joining. An air contract Marine won’t know what airframe they will fly until part way through flight school but they go through all initial training knowing they are going to be a pilot. I assume the other branches do it similarly.
  10. The Navy does have Warrant Officers, however if you want to fly for the Navy you must be a commissioned officer to do so. Warrants fill technical roles in the Navy.
  11. Unless you are PCSing OCONUS, which this is not, a vehicle is not authorized to be shipped at the governments expense. Also since you are going to flight school make sure MEPS writes you PCS orders, otherwise you won’t get a household goods move at all. Fort Rucker will not, I say again WILL NOT write you orders to PCS to Fort Rucker. And learning from friends who have gone through the headache of trying to get MEPS to amend orders, Fort Rucker won’t help you in the process either.
  12. I believe they started the last 67 class in the septemberish time frame. If that is the case then it will be probably late February or early March for selection.
  13. There are definitely more than 4 exams. In fact if you count check rides as a test, there are a couple weeks where you have 3 in one week. Most of the time the tests are every week, to week and a half. Then there are 3 composite exams where everything up to that date is fair game on the test. And as was stated they aren’t difficult but they aren’t easy either. If you put in a little effort to studying you should be fine.
  14. Also the CEP’s are mandatory to wear as aviation is a known hearing damage job. You can opt to not wear them but it’s harder to hear and if you sustain hearing damage through your career the army won’t let that be part of your VA claim as they provided you with the means to mitigate the damage
  15. You still do autos in the Lakota you just terminate with power, and when I left they were trying to figure where to put solos back in the POI and C-12 is really up to how many get slotted for your class. Mine only had 2 and one was for a LT
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