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  1. Street to seat. The list comes out the same week the board convenes. I have the list of anyone still doesn't know but I'd be surprised if the recruiter never said anything
  2. I'm prior service Marines so I don't have to go to bootcamp. They tried to give me one 2 weeks out but had to ask for at least a month so I can get my stuff straightened out. Haha there's always apft failures, medical drops and what not. So there are spots that open up all the time. Got lucky with my liason that cared enough to ask me the timeframe I wanted and went to bat for me. It's all mostly lucky and right time and right place.
  3. Not sure but you can always push off your basic date. Recruiter won't be happy but it's up to you. Ha
  4. I have the list. DM me if you haven't received the email.
  5. That's true but word of advice, try going for an aviation related mos. That's what I had, CrayonEater did to and lots of other selected. Gives you more familiarity and proximity to what you eventually want to become. But definitely pick the mos that you think will benefit you the most and you'll enjoy.
  6. I think that's a good idea, in my opinion, but definitely let your package be boarded for that automatic 2nd look. Doesn't hurt to try.
  7. Let me rephrase, you can also have a civilian job for years and they would hold that in higher esteem than someone with no job experience and just education/no education
  8. There's 2 seperate boards. Active duty and civilian. You aren't competing with enlisted personnel. There's no favoring prior service, what they favor is the experience garnered from that.
  9. Yeah, of course. I'll help in whatever way I can
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