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  1. Heard the list is out for civilians. Can anyone verify or check?
  2. Oh, for sure! But the last 3 civilian boards I've had friends find out on Tuesday from their recruiters. That's all I'm hoping for but definitely not expecting it. Just very excited for the result.
  3. Hoping for early results. There's always someone who finds out on Tuesday or early Wednesday.
  4. Got all my updates finished and submitted. I've been trying to board since March but "things" keep happening to prevent that Lol Finally going this time around. Age:24 APFT:269 SIFT:45 Military: Prior Service Marine, 5 yrs TIS, SGT, Air Traffic Controller. 6 LORs: ATC 40 year Sup, ATC 40 year sup, ATC 20 year Sup, ATC Marine Major, Cobra Marine pilot LTCOL, Chinook CWO 4 pilot. Good luck to everyone and very happy I've finally made a board. Haha
  5. If you have the waiver, there should be no problem applying. Civilians make a large portion, hence them having their own board. Don't trust the recruiters too much since they rather you enlist.
  6. Anyone have access to the list? Congrats, cmax23!
  7. I'm just trying to make sure because it was pretty heartbreaking to hear that after missing 2 boards. I'm hoping someone can clear it up.
  8. I just got news from my recruiter that a memo came out saying the September board was cancelled. Has anyone heard or can verify this? I'm a civilian.
  9. Anyone have their package fully prepared,submitted and board ready?
  10. Sorry to hear that. Don't give up. If you're able to, submit an improved package again!
  11. Let's see if anyone is able to get early results today!
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