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  1. If you were on the board for July and were NS then you're automatically board ready for September. Currently my situation.
  2. Total Applicants: 72 Selected: 20 Averages GT: 122 Average GPA (With Degrees): 2.9 SIFT: 54 APFT:260 # with High School Diploma: 11 # with Associates Degree: 2 # with Bachelor's Degree: 7 # with Graduate Degree: 0 # with Aviation License: 5 Couldn't post pic of screen on work computer but congrats to everyone selected!
  3. Man, really bummed I did not get selected this time around. Looks like I'm September board-bound. Any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated lol
  4. There's no ortho section like at MEPS. The 1A physical has a few more vision tests for you to take, the same hearing test, drug test and blood test to test levels (you do have to fast), body measurements, speech test (really easy you just say a sentence aloud), turn your head and cough, EKG, a few questions from the flight surgeon where you say "no that hasn't happened to me" a bunch of times, and you're basically done.
  5. I had my meps physical in December and in order to even schedule the flight physical I had to get an eye exam done by an ophthalmologist on my own which included three different tests. The eye doc then had to fax the results to the nearest flight surgeon and when they got the results they called me and scheduled the flight physical. The soonest slot was three months later in March. Finally got the board ready status for July. Hurry up and wait...
  6. I completed my PT test last Tuesday(6/11/19) and last minute corrections Friday(6/14/19), my recruiter submitted it to the guy who makes corrections on Monday (6/17/19) and I received a text from my recruiter yesterday (6/19/19) telling me I'm board ready. Did you have any waivers?
  7. Recruiter should have the packet submitted for the July board. After starting this process in October I am finally ready (knock on wood). Civilian Male Applicant Age: 24 ASVAB/GT: 94/126 SIFT: 45 Physical: Stamped and approved Flight: None APFT: 268 Education: B.S. 3.36 GPA LoR: 3: Director at current job, CW3, 24year retired navy pilot, 13year retired HC-130 Air Force Pilot Waiver: None
  8. Does the MEPS physical expire after 6 months? I did it back in December but probably won't be board ready until July.
  9. I had to schedule my own eye exam and fax the results to the nearest flight surgeon. After faxing my results the flight surgeon office called me within three days of faxing them to schedule a flight physical. The soonest possible appointment was three months - you should have been contacted by now. Scheduling the physical is the easy part.
  10. Is it the class 1A flight physical or just the standard flight physical? I just completed my class 1A flight physical to complete my packet and the guy doing my measurements and such said you only have to complete one 1A physical and after that its just a regular flight physical
  11. No he was talking about the flight physical... he said they do it when you get to rucker but it sounds totally wrong. How did you schedule yours? Im just going to schedule it myself
  12. My recruiter is telling me I don't need to have my flight physical completed for the board... just the physical at MEPS. Can anyone confirm if that's accurate
  13. Hello everyone, I am currently going through the lengthy process, as you already know, of filling out a WOFT application. At the moment I'm trying to get letters of recommendation from a few people. My dad was an army aviator for 20 years reaching the rank of CW4 and my older brother is an army ranger which leads me to my first question. How do letters from family members who have served look on your packet? Also, I am also speaking with a couple CW3's that I don't know personally but said they would definitely be willing to write a letter of recommendation. All I need to do is type it up and send it to them for edit and signing. So my second question is does anyone have any suggestions or tips for writing a LOR for yourself? Thank You
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