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  1. Yep. Just a Civilian Pilot that flies two sworn TFO / Paramedics....
  2. You could also go the Civilian route as well. There are a handful (not many) that employ civilian pilots that work alongside Sworn LEO. Maryland State PD, Fort Worth PD and my employer, Fairfax County... Of course you would need to get all your ratings and build your time somehow but these jobs are out there. Our biggest issue is finding folks who can pass the poly.
  3. Sweet! I basically had to talk my ASI through the process as he had never done one... Headed down your way in January, will hit you up!
  4. Hey Pig... I know this is an old topic but did you ever get this sorted out? I got my NVG IP Endorsement from the FSDO yesterday...
  5. We land ours on a dolly but there is one in my area that uses the something like the chopper spotter... Not exactly sure of the make and model but next time I am over there I will snap a few pictures for you.
  6. Like FlyingPig said... Not much turnover here actually, it's the polygraph....
  7. We lose 100% of our candidates because of the poly... Have not been able to get anyone through in over a year.
  8. Just an FYI Fairfax County is looking for another pilot. Check out Fairfaxcounty.gov for the listing...
  9. parachute shroud cutter pocket / knife pocket
  10. http://www.justhelicopters.com/tabid/255/category/1/Default.aspx
  11. I met Richard this July at ALEA in Reno. Super nice guy. You will be missed.
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