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  1. Yep. Just a Civilian Pilot that flies two sworn TFO / Paramedics....
  2. You could also go the Civilian route as well. There are a handful (not many) that employ civilian pilots that work alongside Sworn LEO. Maryland State PD, Fort Worth PD and my employer, Fairfax County... Of course you would need to get all your ratings and build your time somehow but these jobs are out there. Our biggest issue is finding folks who can pass the poly.
  3. Sweet! I basically had to talk my ASI through the process as he had never done one... Headed down your way in January, will hit you up!
  4. Hey Pig... I know this is an old topic but did you ever get this sorted out? I got my NVG IP Endorsement from the FSDO yesterday...
  5. We land ours on a dolly but there is one in my area that uses the something like the chopper spotter... Not exactly sure of the make and model but next time I am over there I will snap a few pictures for you.
  6. Like FlyingPig said... Not much turnover here actually, it's the polygraph....
  7. We lose 100% of our candidates because of the poly... Have not been able to get anyone through in over a year.
  8. Just an FYI Fairfax County is looking for another pilot. Check out Fairfaxcounty.gov for the listing...
  9. parachute shroud cutter pocket / knife pocket
  10. http://www.justhelicopters.com/tabid/255/category/1/Default.aspx
  11. I met Richard this July at ALEA in Reno. Super nice guy. You will be missed.
  12. I spent a while talking to Richard at ALEA this year. Super nice guy. Very sorry to hear about this.
  13. Awesome! I am going to PM you my email... Any chance you could snap me a cell phone pic?
  14. We have 6 pilots. 4 Civilian and 2 sworn. The two sworn have been with the unit for over 25 years. We don't train officers up through the ranks anymore for 2 reasons. 1st is the fact it is a huge step to go from a commercial certificate and 150 hours in to a Bell 429. Insurance would never have it. Next is Virginia EMS requirements. The State of VA requires 1000 hours PIC and 200 night to qualify to fly medevac. Back in the day when we had a 206 (1980's) we used to fly traffic... Sworn pilots would fly this daily and build about 6 - 7 hours per day. This added up and they were able to get the State medevac mins. Of our 6 person pilot pool. 3 were trained in the military. 2 Army and 1 Navy. The other 3 including the sworn officer are civilian trained.... Including myself. Flying is about 10% of the job... The other 90% is personality! I was bummed that I couldn't make it to Heli Expo but someone has to stay here and work.... If you have any other questions about the unit feel free to PM me.
  15. Sure... There is always a concern... Hiring someone is a risk. My explanation above can go 180 degrees as well. I had plenty of people that killed the interview and got hired only to get canned down the road... Quickest was 2 weeks after starting a job one candidate of mine was sleeping at his desk and obviously hungover...
  16. Yes... Previous to my career and sometimes during my career as a helo pilot I worked as a recruiter / headhunter in the telecom / software tech field. I'm outside of DC in what is know as Silicon Alley. I was a sales guy to the Federal govt. for years before flying full time. That transitioned in to a job as a headhunter. I've had countless fully qualified candidates that simply sucked at interviewing.... period. They were knowledgable, smart and driven people, they just crumbled under the pressure. The good hiring managers knew this and coud see beyond the interview stress. More often than not, most hiring managers were close minded and turned away a great candidate. Another thing that is interesting is that more than one interview is usually conducted. I've never been interviewed more than once for a helo job, so you better get it right the first time... But I have had numerous flight skills validations... If any of you need interview advice / tips, PM me... I will give you my cell phone and we can talk about how to interview well and what some of the potential questions may be. I've spent years prepping candidates for job interviews.... I've also interviewed for helo jobs and gotten them so I'd be more than happy to pass along some of my thoughts and wisdom.
  17. Just kidding... Go to ebay and find a mil spec helmet bag... Should be about 20 bucks. I think you will find that you carry everything but your helmet in a helmet bag... Mine is used primarly as a carry on when I fly commercial!
  18. Hey DF... Good on you. Initially I feel guilty about calling the DOM in at 3:00 AM to address an issues but then instantly I get over it. He gets paid to come out and it's my butt and my crew's butt on the line. Stick to your guns and if you think there is something wrong then their usually is!
  19. I'm glad to see Bell catching up with the rest of the industry... Think about it... The 429 is the latest design to hit the market in a decade... And as a daily user of the 429 I am sold / impressed with the direction they are going... OK, they had the 427 a few years ago but that was a flop and the 417 was cancelled. So, good on Bell for getting their acts together. I just hoe they build them here in the USA!
  20. I fly an HGU-56. It only became comfortable after the Oregon Aero upgrades.... I used to be a firm believer in ANR for all things. I still fly Lightspeeds in my personal fixed wing aircraft. My issued HGU-56 came with CEP plugs. Tried them for a bit but the foam tips would come out sometime during the flight. I went to Oshkosh this year and there was a vendor selling custom ear plugs for CEP's. I took the risk and spent 250 bucks... Best money I have ever spent. I fly a 407 and a 429 and with the helmet and custom CEP's it is quieter than with a Bose or Lightspeed. I would encourage folks to look at this because it also provides excellent hearing protection... Topic is about Helmets... I prefer Gallet!
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