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  1. That’s inline with what I thought. Luckily I have a small Squadron and Group so should be obtainable. Only issue is I got here in February and then the virus struck so we’ve been working from home. Hard to get face time that way
  2. I had issues with my previous unit obtaining an LoR simply because they weren’t positive what was meant by “first” and “second” level UCMJ authority. Before I go shaking trees for my package at my new unit could some one clarify who specifically are the minimums from my chain of command for LORs. I know at least my Squadron Commander (O-5 currently), would the second level be considered my Group Commander? Thanks in advance. -Joshua
  3. DBActual, on block V of the 368 it has a line for valid until date, how does my CC or myself know what that valid until date would be? I assumed the contingent release response would provide that after applying for separation in vMPF. Thanks in advance.
  4. If any recent Air Force personnel have guidance on the when to submit what it would be appreciated. I have a signed 368 from the recruiter but I am unsure in if I need to apply for separation in vMPF now to receive the contingent release email, or route the 368 to my CC and submit that with my package. Thanks to any who can help!
  5. Currently on a short tour, so its just about timing really. The medical is good for 18 months which I finished after I had already gotten here so Im good through my tour and then some. Thanks for looking out though!
  6. I am currently in the process of working my package for March 2020, and have completed my SIFT, Medical, and obtained my REDD. I can answer questions about how that went for me. I do have questions for any Interservice applicants though! I had spoken with a TACP to Aviator a few months ago that had stated transfering as an E6 in 2015 he retained his pay grade through out BCT. Can anyone confirm or deny this? As well, what was your experience like as an E5/E6 going through Army Basic?
  7. Ive been scouring the forums for any how to to get my ASVAB scores converted from Air Force to Army. The Warrant Recruiting website does list information on it but my issue is on the Air Force side. I had called my MPF to get a true certified copy and well came up empty handed. If anyone has any guidance it would be much appreciated! -Joshua
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