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  1. Where would I see my class number? Cant seem to locate it.
  2. So I got my ship dates this morning. Im leaving for basic at Fort Jackson 28 January 2019, and start WOCS 18 April 2019!! They literally asked me when I could leave and I told them 30 days is the soonest. Congrats to everyone else that found out today!
  3. Just got a call from my recruiter! FQ-S!! Good luck to all of those who have to find out and for those who are moving onto the January board. I havent seen the official percentage for AD yet.
  4. Hey everyone, Ive been following this board and finally made an account! Ive noticed that the past two board results come out on the following Wednesday for AD, hopefully its sooner! Anyways I have my stats listed below. Age: 25 SIFT: 52 AFPT: 273 GT: 113 LORs: 0-5, 0-2, E-7 Military: Currently AD SSgt, USAF Flight: None Education: AS in Applied Science, 35 credits towards BS in Electrical Engineering. 3.6 GPA Good luck to everyone that is on this board!
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