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  1. I'm currently a CFI...doing research on which company to work for next. My goal is to fly mediums on fires... I'd like to make my next move in the best way to support that goal. I'm open to pretty much anything but obviously the most likely candidates are flying Vegas, South Rim, or Alaska. I'm wondering which company/location would be best to attempt to break into the utility world. Obviously nothing is perfect and when it comes down to it i'll take what I can get, but i'd like to make as educated of a decision as possible. So far I've heard Papillon on the South Rim is a good way to break into utility. Also some operators in Alaska will give you some long line training. Does anyone have any general advice? How much do you fly a year doing south rim tours? Is it year round? if not can you go to Vegas in the winter? Am I best off trying for someone in Alaska and flying less? Would it be better to try to fly SIC in a heavy somewhere after I get my 1000? I feel like it's best to save that for after I get my turbine hours...
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