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  1. With how many people have withdrawn / gave up on their packets due to the ADSO, Rank Reset, etc. you'll probably have a higher chance.
  2. The WOJG experience may vary. In my BN almost every W1 coming in from school makes RL1 and has a few additional duties before W2. (Unless they took forever in Rucker.) Just because WOJG's only take care of the fridge/coffee in a MEDEVAC, -64 unit, etc. doesn't mean everyone should have a rank reset. On the flip side, there are plenty of PI's that sham around and aren't worth their weight in gold either. I've noticed this common trend where people just think: "Sucks bro, glad I was in before that changed." That's how bullshit like this is allowed to happen in the first place.
  3. Hey guys and girls, Are there any flight students who can chime in about the rank reset? I noticed a few months ago there were a bunch of posts about about how it was approved, but I haven't heard anything about it lately. I graduated back in Spring, and I pin CW2 in November. (I hope) I wanted to see if they were trying to push it out at the start of the next FY, and if anyone has heard whether or not they intend to grandfather. Thanks.
  4. Can confirm, SFC Hoefling also helped me after my board a year and a half ago.
  5. I definitely respect your religious views, however you may want to consider that SERE is training for a life or death scenario. You have an obligation/duty to survive and return with honor. Not killing/eating an animal could be the difference between you returning with honor and dying. You may want to talk to a religious leader to find out if there is an exception for this situation. Additionally, contact the school and ask for a copy of the waiver you need to sign. I'm not gonna go into details on what is in the waiver, but I can tell you that most religious observances will likely not be protected. This is because in a real-world scenario you aren't going to be able to observe a fasting, attend a service, etc.
  6. Can confirm. You only need the Interim clearance, and the rest gets processed hopefully before WOCS. As long as the SF86 is complete, all you need to do is have your recruiter contact the personnel, and they will do a quick phone interview confirming what you put on the SF86. After that, you may or may not get contacted again before the investigation is complete. From personal experience, I was NOT contacted again, nor was anyone on my SF86. It just depends on the investigation.
  7. I know this is anecdotal, so take it for what it's worth. I am currently in Honors on hold. (WOBC starts next week.) I can't speak for current selection rates, but I can tell you that right now there is a significant amount of non-prior service flight students. (Maybe a 1:3 ratio) Furthermore most of the prior-service students were E5 and below, mid to late twenties, with not much post-secondary education. Most of the civilian applicants were around the same age group, but with college education, flight time, etc. Comparing street-to-seat and prior-service is almost like comparing apples to oranges, but it appears to me that overall the street-to-seat students are more qualified on paper. (Education, flight time, etc.) Regarding the choice to go 15T: If I can make a suggestion, don't give up on going street-to-seat. The earlier you can get into the program, the better. Myself and several of my battle buddies were picked up on the lower end of the average qualifications simply because we had some factor that made us stand out. If you can find something to set yourself apart for the board, then I would give it a shot before enlisting. If you fall short, see where you land in comparison to the other applicants. At that point, you can go into the Army as 15T, and try again knowing exactly what you need to improve on. However, because the boards are completely separate between the two, what they look for could be different. I can't speak for the Army board.
  8. When I did my initial flight physical, I was a bit high on the pulse/BP. I suppose it was that "white coat syndrome." The Flight doc just let me sit a while to relax and tested two more times, and it was fine. I've also seen it mentioned that they can put you on a 24 hour BP/Pulse device. But as z0na mentioned, taking BP medicine isn't a dis qualifier. My concern would be that you are taking BP medicine needlessly, and that your high BP was just a product of anxiety. Taking medicine could just end up causing issues on the other side of the blood pressure scale if you don't actual have high blood pressure. .
  9. Your recruiter is full of sh*t. Take a look at the selection result picture that was posted for this board. Those were all civilians. Edit: It sounds like your recruiter is trying to get out of helping you with your WOFT packet because it is too much work. Go to someone else now. Even if he is willing to help you at this point, he has already blatantly lied to you. Find a different recruiter.
  10. Glad to see you are adding some more WOFT content to YouTube! It is somewhat lacking, and there are only a few notable channels that have made videos pertaining to our situation. Hope to see you at Rucker in October.
  11. Well dang. I guess we will not be seeing any new faces. Who knows though, sometimes there are openings. I find it surprising that they did not give you priority in class date given that you are currently active-duty... You can do what I did, and just call the WOFT liaison to get an earlier class, assuming a spot opens up.
  12. Like other classes, I wanted to post this topic to see who all will be joining us in class 20-001 this October. There's already a group of us, but I figured with a recent board, we might find some new faces. If the WOCS START date on your reservation says: "22OCT2019," you are class 20-001. Reply below if you are, and I will link you the Class Facebook group / Group chat.
  13. Thanks for the input Jkray. Good luck Navy Veteran, like StockTrader said, you won't find out until you contract. My original WOCS date was Feb. of next year. I signed the contract, then called the WOFT liason to find an earlier class date. I went back to renegotiate an October WOCS class.
  14. Wanted to go ahead and bump this. I leave for Basic in a few weeks, and I wanted to be double sure that I do NOT have to do any distance learning.
  15. Addition: We also have a text group for all of those with October WOCS dates. Message me for more info.
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