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  1. sorry your recruiter didnt know that man. But priors have so many hurdles it's just trading one hurdle for another. I committed a non traffic offense back before I ever enlisted. Army knew about it. Yet they still need to run background checks on the same offense they already did background checks on. I missed the January board and might even miss the March board because of this.
  2. If you're currently in service in a different branch I advice you to take the flight physical first if you have the means to do so. AR 601-210 paragrph 3-7 e states if you have a flight physical within 6 months of your relese from AD you do not have to attend MEPS. I didnt have to go
  3. Read the Royal Navy uses Apaches on their carrier often and in 2013 the US Navy and Army explored it a decent bit. Any roles attack helos have on navy ships nowadays? The only place I can see them fitting in is with the Coasties if they're drug busting. Idk what else attack helos can do in the middle of the ocean.
  4. Im pretty confident I'll be held for quite a bit no matter what. Deff guna submit everything asap, but between skipping basic, skipping wocs maybe, and getting bumped up to CW2 for being a prior O, yea too much paperwork=dragged out start date
  5. No clue on how I'd get down there. And you're saying I can submit all the supporting docs, which I assume are my commissioning documents, prior to ever getting to Rucker? Or I'd have to wait til I'm down there and just hang around until everything gets approved.
  6. Civ applicant here. If accepted, I will not have to go to basic (prior Army) and probably won't have to go to WOCS (prior Officer). If this turns out to be true and I report straight to WOBC, does anybody know if lack of basic and wocs requirements will push my ship date to the left or the right?
  7. Missed the past 3 boards. Oh well. Maybe March will be the month. Anyways. Stats are: Age: 28 Sift: 61 APFT: 300 Education: B.S. degree, one semester of M.A Flight time: 13.5 hours. Some aerobatic flight. Prior Service: Army SGT, Navy O-2 Flight phys: approved LOR: O-5, E-9, CW-5 No waivers
  8. you a marine? first guess was AF and wondered how a lt col found himself in an f18.
  9. I've heard 368s from the IRR can be quick as long as you get in contact with the right person. And a recruiter I've been in contact with at HQ told me that stuff can get done post board acceptance but I've heard otherwise majority of the time
  10. My recruiter told me the release can happen after I’m accepted which I half don’t believe. ill go into the IRR on Jan 1 but my packet is due on Jan 6th so I’m nervous about the 368 holding me back
  11. How long did it take? And was the dd368 part of your packet?
  12. Im in the same boat. Started my packet while I was AD, but when my board meets ill be out of the military completely. I was advised to keep my packet as is, with the 3.2 and 3.3.
  13. My stats btw: Age: 29 SIFT: 61 APFT: 300 College: 2 bachelor degrees, 1 semester of grad work LOR: CW5 Chinook pilot, 0-5 Navy jet pilot and program manager of navy flight school, Navy E-9 I worked for Prior Service: 4 years Enlisted Army comms guy, left as an E-5, 2 years Naval Officer, left as an O-2 Flight physical all good My biggest hurdle is that I attended Navy flight school. Theres a reg against you having attended another branch's flight school then going over to another one. That will be my only waiver that I need
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