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  1. And only a few rates (jobs) have warrant billets. Pilot not being one of em they have street to seat of course, no prior mil experience needed but you have to have a degree.
  2. Echo that. Meps tried making me fly. I pushed the issue a bit and got them to write me PCS orders. You’re considered permanent party in flight school so they can do it
  3. Yea those numbers are good enough to be selected for sure just keep applying man. Goes without saying make sure your packet is formatted properly and everything but keep applying unless you have some red flag attached to your name you’ll get in eventually
  4. Yea it sucks man you were able to hear a pin drop in the classroom when we were told this. It isn’t official yet so with luck on our side we may bypass it. Like it was mentioned just now, this fisting project has been in the works for a few years now actually. I’m sure flight school students were scared of it three years ago. It does sound like it’s real and right around the corner but we’ll see
  5. Yea man im with you. Nothing official as yet though. it was told to us that theyre doing it for our benefit lolol they dont want us showing up to our unit with a cw2 rank and having people thinking were experienced experts in our field. So for our sake, theyre keeping 10k from enterinG our pockets
  6. I’ll keep this brief but we got briefed about the DOR reset. You’ll get it soon too. If the reset happens, it will happen semi soon, and when it happens, there’s no grandfathering in.
  7. And even the quality of street to seat guys will probably take a hit. someone with a degree and some flying experience has a good bit less incentive to join the army vs any other branch
  8. I’ve actually heard regular officers will be effected by this too which I thought they wouldn’t be able to do. But yea I’ve heard they’ll be effected as well. Nothing official but that was asked in a q & a. I agree their recruitment numbers won’t change. Every job has a line of people willing to do it for less money. But I think their quality of street to seat candidates will go straight down the shitter. The QOL and pay, in addition to overall costs of putting someone through flight school in the army vs other branches is just ridiculously large now and for the same cost “10 y
  9. Speaking of abilities straight out of flight school...you hear he navy is considering removing carrier qualifications from their curriculum?
  10. I can’t speak to what you need for WOCS but wobc there were a few of us with less resources than others like Cac problems or never getting a working tablet issued to us and the staff worked around us. So in that regard I’m sure you’ll be fine. anthing I can do to help you out let me know man
  11. ok cool cool just making sure you’re all set housing wise. yea man I’m here now and things are a mess cause of covid. Be prepared for those dates to keep adjusting.
  12. Gotcha. Are you not going to be at Rucker in between WOCS and wobc? you got your house situated for wobc?
  13. Where are you going to bct? So you’ll be getting to Rucker for wocs like mid March ish then?
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