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  1. you a marine? first guess was AF and wondered how a lt col found himself in an f18.
  2. I've heard 368s from the IRR can be quick as long as you get in contact with the right person. And a recruiter I've been in contact with at HQ told me that stuff can get done post board acceptance but I've heard otherwise majority of the time
  3. My recruiter told me the release can happen after I’m accepted which I half don’t believe. ill go into the IRR on Jan 1 but my packet is due on Jan 6th so I’m nervous about the 368 holding me back
  4. How long did it take? And was the dd368 part of your packet?
  5. Im in the same boat. Started my packet while I was AD, but when my board meets ill be out of the military completely. I was advised to keep my packet as is, with the 3.2 and 3.3.
  6. My stats btw: Age: 29 SIFT: 61 APFT: 300 College: 2 bachelor degrees, 1 semester of grad work LOR: CW5 Chinook pilot, 0-5 Navy jet pilot and program manager of navy flight school, Navy E-9 I worked for Prior Service: 4 years Enlisted Army comms guy, left as an E-5, 2 years Naval Officer, left as an O-2 Flight physical all good My biggest hurdle is that I attended Navy flight school. Theres a reg against you having attended another branch's flight school then going over to another one. That will be my only waiver that I need
  7. dont be concerned. It's either a good thing, neutral thing, or a slight bad thing. In any case there isn't anything you can do about it. If you have the numbers and dont have enough negatives to undo them, theyll take you.
  8. And im waiting on 1 LOR and need to take a photo and PT test but other than that yep all done.
  9. Thought so. My recruiter told me my stuff is due to him by December 2nd. Im AD but ill be out by January so im going through a civilian board. Ive heard some say it will help me stand out....others say that it's not what theyre looking for in that board so my packet will go straight into the shredder.... idk
  10. Just cold call man. Be agressive. You may only make 50% of your shots, some may not engage you, but if you walk away with 1 or 2 LORs then you did your job. LORs from people who know you are very important but if you need a senior CWO to endorse you and don't know one, I found 2 that appreciated my willingness to travel, walk into a unit with confidence and ask for help to build my career. They made me earn the LOR but they were more than willing to help.
  11. I'm going to the January board as well. Are you AD? Or civ?
  12. Just read that in 06 the Navy briefly tried the flight warrant officer concept. Applicants were required to be e-5 to-e-7, and have an Associate's Degree. Other than that and the fact they were immediately given a commission at cw2 once they graduated their version of wocs, the program was no different, yet they closed it within 6 years. Anyone have any idea why this program stopped?
  13. Active Duty Navy. Getting out January 1st and moving into the IRR. Prob a dumb question....can't find anything on the warrant recruiting site, but can I apply to the AD board in January? or do I have to apply to the civilian board. I'm hoping the fact I will have a dd368 from the irr i can squeak into the AD board. Reason I'm gunning for this is the nearest civilian board I will be able to apply to will be late Feb. I'd prefer to avoid going that long with a paycheck. I get IRR does not equal AD. Just shooting my shot.
  14. Cant find it in the forum. I was told my documents are too large. I tried looking up how to shrink files and just saw a suggestion telling me to make it into a zip file. It didn't work. Anyone else have anything?
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