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  1. Any apache guys here ever been to riley?
  2. Dont remember the exact numbers for 60s and 64s but yesterdays selection was 28- blackhawks 14- apaches 6- chinooks 1- measly c-12
  3. Hasn’t been that long recently but you’ll be coming in pretty short after the holiday break. Who knows what will be done covid policy wise after everyone went home to see all their families and such. May have no effect but expect either one
  4. Id concentrate on your sift first and your physical later. the thing expires and youre still in school. Id try to avoid having to take another one later. Youll have to once you get to rucker but go for the one and done before you get here. side note good on your for going after this. Definitely wish i applied for this program earlier and younger
  5. We get it. Youre in love with the longer adso and pay decrease that dont effect you. an increase in QOL will still attract people if its a 50% increase instead of a 75% increase. Will most army pilots take being an air force fighter pilot under the same conditions? Sure. Will the air force fighter pilot be pissed if this happened to them? You beat your ass. Have yet to see an effect on recruiting? Not really a good sample size. What has it been…2? 3 boards since this happened? Probably most of them already had their packets done well before this happened? There’s always someone willing to do the job for less. Any job. It takes poor leadership to be willing to screw their guys, and decrease morale to take advantage of that fact. my opinion. Recruiting numbers will not go down. Like i said. There’s always someone willing to do the job for less. What will happen is the quality of candidate will go down. Good luck getting a degree holding candidate with flight experience to pick here vs another branch for less money and more time to give in return.
  6. Yeaaaaa I don’t buy that “cw2 is supposed to be an expert” stuff. A non tracked non PC CW2 is a liability because the rank has high expectations, but a 1LT fresh out of flight school isn’t? And if anyone tries explaining to me that 2 short years is what it takes for you to become a subject matter expert as a pilot…I must just be an idiot then because this job must not be hard at all. Again other branches seem to pull off the small gap between winging and promotion just fine. Any fighter pilot you’ve ever seen was close to o-3 by the time they got to their unit. Not to mention if O grades aren’t effected by this and neither are reserve and guard warrants…….if you don’t see where I’m going, those 3 groups make up maybe half of our flight community. So only half our aviators need to be seasoned before receiving a promotion? and let’s take this further then. Special forces Q course is also pretty long. The enlisted guys come in off the streets and 1.5 years later they are SGTs without any non Tradoc experience. Should those guys get similar treatment?
  7. If someone can give me a TACTICAL PURPOSE to the rank reset ill shut right up sacrifice for the greater good is the military’s jam but the way it looks to me all things considered (increased adso, decrease WOJG flight pay, longer time as a WOJG) is this is a strong arm way to force rentention.
  8. Youre lucky its not worse…..classic blanket statement argument that can literally never, not be said no matter how much worse it gets. When the ten year ADSO was briefed to my class it was pitched that it was an attempt to make us equal with other branch’s flight programs. Admittedly im not effected by either the longer adso or rank reset but claiming thats the goal while paying your pilots so much less for so much cheaper training ends that argument right there. Added to which there is only one other branch with this long of an adso, no other branches that delay promotions….. also flight pay wasnt increased. While yea the numbers went up, an inflation rate vs flight pay increase will show it went down overall. i cannot comprehend people being upset over other people being upset about losing money, especially when there is no real tactical cause for this delay of promotion. Is it the end of the world? No but i think its more than fair to be upset that youre in a way basically getting an unexpected pay decrease
  9. You can go straight into the reserves. I think it’s the same 10 year adso but yea all reserves. Same way the AF does it but a lot slower and with more pointless tasks in between
  10. The rumor is that if you’re at Rucker past October 1st you’re getting the rank reset but I’ve yet to hear that from someone with more than one dot on their chest
  11. I’ve spoken to a few ANG squadrons who told me they do consider age waivers for the right candidates. One CSAR rotary unit, the rest all fixed wing. looks like you won’t need the waiver though unless the age requirements change again which is likely.
  12. Yea I know. Was just curious if they’re still asking for the same return for 1/4th of the payment
  13. And are they still guna ask for two extra years of your life but for 1,000$ now?
  14. Sure can. I’m in the first class. They’re experimenting it just for a few classes.
  15. I 60% regret not living on post. I usually like living Off base. Enjoy getting away from work. But you’ll spend a lot of days where you have less than 45 minutes until your next event. Usually on my 15 minute trips two and from home on those days I wish I lived on post.
  16. And only a few rates (jobs) have warrant billets. Pilot not being one of em they have street to seat of course, no prior mil experience needed but you have to have a degree.
  17. Echo that. Meps tried making me fly. I pushed the issue a bit and got them to write me PCS orders. You’re considered permanent party in flight school so they can do it
  18. Yea those numbers are good enough to be selected for sure just keep applying man. Goes without saying make sure your packet is formatted properly and everything but keep applying unless you have some red flag attached to your name you’ll get in eventually
  19. Yea it sucks man you were able to hear a pin drop in the classroom when we were told this. It isn’t official yet so with luck on our side we may bypass it. Like it was mentioned just now, this fisting project has been in the works for a few years now actually. I’m sure flight school students were scared of it three years ago. It does sound like it’s real and right around the corner but we’ll see
  20. Yea man im with you. Nothing official as yet though. it was told to us that theyre doing it for our benefit lolol they dont want us showing up to our unit with a cw2 rank and having people thinking were experienced experts in our field. So for our sake, theyre keeping 10k from enterinG our pockets
  21. I’ll keep this brief but we got briefed about the DOR reset. You’ll get it soon too. If the reset happens, it will happen semi soon, and when it happens, there’s no grandfathering in.
  22. And even the quality of street to seat guys will probably take a hit. someone with a degree and some flying experience has a good bit less incentive to join the army vs any other branch
  23. I’ve actually heard regular officers will be effected by this too which I thought they wouldn’t be able to do. But yea I’ve heard they’ll be effected as well. Nothing official but that was asked in a q & a. I agree their recruitment numbers won’t change. Every job has a line of people willing to do it for less money. But I think their quality of street to seat candidates will go straight down the shitter. The QOL and pay, in addition to overall costs of putting someone through flight school in the army vs other branches is just ridiculously large now and for the same cost “10 years.” I don’t mean to discourage anybody there are still tons of perks in army aviation no other branch can offer. But in the topic of $ yea it’s pretty rough
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