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  1. I went with the WiFi+cellular mini 5. Got a 256 gb one for just under $500. Thanks guys .
  2. Would you guys recommend the Cellular version? I know the WiFi only doesnt have a GPS card, but I doubt the GPS will be that useful in air.
  3. Anyone know if the new mini is approved for flight? PX has a good deal on it right now and I am considering getting it.
  4. I was selected to attend WOFT this past March and I was so incredibly happy to be able to pursue this as a career. It's an opportunity that I probably wouldn't be able to take advantage of anywhere else but the US Army. Being in aviation currently, I've spoken with quite a few WO's about what to expect in the future. About 80% of them always have something incredibly negative to say about their experience. "All we do is additional duties", "LOL you think you're gonna get actual flight time", "LOL fridge fund nerd", "LOL 8 year ADSO", "LOL OPTEMPO". Is it really that bad guys? I have plenty
  5. I misread my RFO. My actual report date to Rucker is 08 SEP. Thank you.
  6. Sorry for posting this here, but i'm currently on leave and would rather not bother anyone at work right now. My orders currently state "class number 19-022 reporting: 18 Sep 19 and ending: 24 Oct 19." However, they also state that "Orders must reflect the report date given in this RFO. Reporting date is 10 days prior to start date of course to allow for inprocessing at Fort Rucker." I checked on ATTRS and my class is supposed to begin on 19 SEP. Should I be signing in to Rucker 10 days prior to my report date or should I just report on the 18th?
  7. My only question is who do I have to get intimate with to get a FW slot?
  8. Hi all, I currently have over 60 days of leave saved up. My report date for WOCS is in September. How much leave do you guys recommend I take so that I don't have to worry about losing leave the following fiscal year or two? Reason I'm asking is because im not sure how often people can take leave while on the WOFT pipeline.
  9. Any active duty dudes gotten their class dates yet?
  10. I know WOCS is the next goal in sight, but I can't help but worry about going through SERE. I'm not really looking for any information about how the course is ran. I am concerned about my mediocre land navigation skills and am worried that if I bomb it I won't even get a chance to go to flight school. How many chances do WOFT candidates get for SERE?
  11. Thats about it boys. AD guys should be decided by now. Now we wait on the list...
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