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  1. I'm a CPL but I made the list! I'd be happy to help in any way. Thank you everyone for your help!
  2. My post has a RC Aviation unit and I saw to CW3's on day at the Post Exchange while getting food. Respectfully, I asked if they knew any CW5's on post and to my luck, they did. I went and met with him in and explained who I was, what I wanted and why. Senior warrants get requests to recommend people all the time so they are fairly used to meeting people (at least mine was).
  3. Hey everyone! I just thought I'd start a thread for those that plan on being on the January board. I just put my packet in today, now all I have to do is keep my packet up-to-date and wait. My stats: Age: 20 Status: Active Duty, Army. E-4 promotable (11B) GT Score: 118 SIFT: 59 APFT: 283 LOR's: CW5, O-3(Current CO), O-3(Former CO), O-5(Current BC) College: Some, 10 credits for an AS in Aeronautical Science Flight: None
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