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  1. As of today, WO PME has been cancelled indefinitely (per the WOCC fb page). Information regarding WOCS is apparently soon following.
  2. Your best chance is a deferment. The process is spelled out in the welcome email you should have gotten as well as the point of contact. Getting earlier would be surprising as we both know this is the army.
  3. There's a very small, like company level, vip 60 unit in Japan. Germany has a few 60s left as well. Other than that it's Egypt and Korea.
  4. I am a SPC, but joined after college. About 25% of the last few boards are SPC. I think they're favored because they have a lot of time left.
  5. I was selected. I'll definitely say that it was due to things that people don't post on here. People had better numbers than me but what I think matters most is your writing and the letters of recommendation. Remember that when applying and for everyobe who didn't make it maybe try to look it over, you have a few months.
  6. It's come out Wednesday for the last few boards, not last one though because Wednesday was a day off for HW
  7. Are you sure? It's s1, csm, and swo, in that order last I checked. I did not contact a recruiter at all until I had already submitted it. You email them and ask the status. Mine said it was board ready the first time I emailed so I talked a recuiter literally once this entire process.
  8. It will consist of limb measurements, hearing, dental, vision (in depth including dialation and topography), blood and urine samples, and a quick range of motion and physical exam. Things that might DQ you can be found here https://glwach.amedd.army.mil/victoryclinic/documents/Army_APLs_28may2014.pdf Waivers are more a method of tracking problems than allowing disqualified people to fly. You can have a waiver for very small yhings.
  9. The point is it's not a 100% acceptance for street to seat, and it also is not a terrible active acceptance rate. They are much more similar nowadays. People with college degrees are being turned down right now. I think trying with nothing more than a high school diploma and is currently a waste of time. You are also applying against people that got out of the military as a civilian. It is possible to be completely non competitive, sinking a year into an application with no hope is a waste.
  10. This is not remotely the situation currently. There have been about 68 slots for every board the last 2 years. There have been 20 street slots. Last board was 20/48 and 68/~150. They have also adjusted to prefer e4 and e5. 20% of last board was e4.
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