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  1. As of today, WO PME has been cancelled indefinitely (per the WOCC fb page). Information regarding WOCS is apparently soon following.
  2. Your best chance is a deferment. The process is spelled out in the welcome email you should have gotten as well as the point of contact. Getting earlier would be surprising as we both know this is the army.
  3. There's a very small, like company level, vip 60 unit in Japan. Germany has a few 60s left as well. Other than that it's Egypt and Korea.
  4. I am a SPC, but joined after college. About 25% of the last few boards are SPC. I think they're favored because they have a lot of time left.
  5. I was selected. I'll definitely say that it was due to things that people don't post on here. People had better numbers than me but what I think matters most is your writing and the letters of recommendation. Remember that when applying and for everyobe who didn't make it maybe try to look it over, you have a few months.
  6. It's come out Wednesday for the last few boards, not last one though because Wednesday was a day off for HW
  7. Are you sure? It's s1, csm, and swo, in that order last I checked. I did not contact a recruiter at all until I had already submitted it. You email them and ask the status. Mine said it was board ready the first time I emailed so I talked a recuiter literally once this entire process.
  8. It will consist of limb measurements, hearing, dental, vision (in depth including dialation and topography), blood and urine samples, and a quick range of motion and physical exam. Things that might DQ you can be found here https://glwach.amedd.army.mil/victoryclinic/documents/Army_APLs_28may2014.pdf Waivers are more a method of tracking problems than allowing disqualified people to fly. You can have a waiver for very small yhings.
  9. The point is it's not a 100% acceptance for street to seat, and it also is not a terrible active acceptance rate. They are much more similar nowadays. People with college degrees are being turned down right now. I think trying with nothing more than a high school diploma and is currently a waste of time. You are also applying against people that got out of the military as a civilian. It is possible to be completely non competitive, sinking a year into an application with no hope is a waste.
  10. This is not remotely the situation currently. There have been about 68 slots for every board the last 2 years. There have been 20 street slots. Last board was 20/48 and 68/~150. They have also adjusted to prefer e4 and e5. 20% of last board was e4.
  11. A lot of people are going to tell you to just put in a packet. But honestly with that process taking upwards of 6 months, and with a high school graduate probably having a pretty bad resume, there is nothing wrong with being a tango first. I'm a tango with hundreds of flight hours and I joined with the same idea. My resume was bad and I even had a degree. A high school graduate with nothing is not competitive, even right now. Internally, depending on how hard you actually work, you could have the opportunities and network to have a great packet. It's going to take a while though. I find out this board, but I've been enlisted over 2 years. Not as long as a lot of people around here but I joined with the idea that I'm becoming a crewchief and dropping a packet as soon as I am competitive. You will probably lose all interest in it when you find out that the army is terrible. But if you don't give up and work your ass off you will get the credibility. Now work your ass off probably means something totally different. I reguarly work 14 hour days on a flight line. I had to do a ton of extra sh*t on my own initiative to get to this position where people were willing to help and my resume said more than "I'm in the army please accept me." My sp, mtps, and one ip were all tangos. 4 out of like the 16 we have. It's common. But you can't give up cause dudes like you saying they want to drop a packet are a dime a dozen.
  12. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CHRG-115hhrg25095/html/CHRG-115hhrg25095.htm March 29,2017 "We are also increasing our aviation warrant officer accessions in concert with the increased throughput of our pilot training. Over the next 3 years, we will increase our Regular Army aviation warrant officer accession training throughput by nearly 170 students annually." I was board ready within a week with no waivers and no errors. Try to think in terms of slots, not rates. Yes they affect each other but essentially the amount of slots is not going to change that much for a long time, so the only thing that can affect your selection is the amount and quality of applicants.
  13. There will be a bunch of people in the airport pointing you towards the bus. Bring practically nothing you aren't allowed to save money you'll have to buy everything there. I'd bring the clothes on your back some toiletries and a towel.
  14. PNN is an active term for private news network, meaning the extravagant and numerous rumors that go throughout organizations. Rarely substantiated by anything better than "I heard" and even more rarely correct. It's getting to the point where I believe the statistics posted are about as reputable as no one seems to ever have a source besides someone at Rucker/a cw5. The only things I've seen that have helped me are a congressional brief from early 2017 saying they are taking ~140 more a year, and the actual milper messages with names and ranks. If you get picked up and join the army do yourself a favor and never believe anything not in writing and even then never believe it until it has begun.
  15. I don't believe this makes sense. The accession rate is not based on applicants it's based on needs of the army. They have available slots, they fill them. Every board this year has had about 65 AD. If 200 people applied they aren't raising it to 80. They have ~65 slots per board.
  16. Where'd you hear this? I'm starting to wonder if the stats posted on this forum are PNN level. I remember a thread that firmly stated "talked to someone at Rucker, they are taking 60% street to seat 40% ad for the future," which was then followed by about 2 boards of ~68 AD slots and ~25 street slots. In this thread someone says "heard they aren't taking waivers" followed by a dude with 3 waivers getting approved.
  17. You will have about 16 days saved by the end of both, considering both are about 2-3 months. Some commands won't approve leave that puts you at less than 10 for emergency reasons. Also, there's plenty of people that go from basic to a 6 month ait. It's not that bad. It will be charged. 4 day passes work for like weekends. Anything more you're going to have to put in leave.
  18. Not gonna lie bro you're old. But I know a guy graduated flight school around your age. Don't nonselect yourself
  19. Bro thats great and try hard but the computer you are gonna take it on is gonna give you one at a time and freeze a ton. Dont worry aboyt studying that. Spend most of your time on math. If you arent a good reader that too. Read the faa handbook first couple chapters and know aviation knowledge. If you are doing well the math is going to be very hard. I was being asked "solve log5 of (this huge function)" and one explained base 2 and then had me solve a huge function and answer in base 4.
  20. Yeah i had a secret initiated in an october... Finalized date feb 02. Second last week of my bct. Definitely call someone if youre freaking out, but it most likely is fine.
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