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  1. Seems like not too many people are in this class. Milsuite bearly has replies and here is quite as well.
  2. Sorry just saw you posted this. Im not sure you have a cac card and im pretty sure you need one to access milsuite. If you dont then the FB page would be the best option but there is not one for our class. Since like not many people are slotted for this class yet.
  3. Yes, I believe it is actually recommended we create a fb page so the sooner the better I think. If you have not done so, get on milsuite and go to the wocs class 19-20 page. Information is also put on there for example additional duties.
  4. When I did the application I did it as a WOCS student. It has the same options for housing as a WO1, according to the webpage.
  5. When I did the application I did it as a WOCS student. It has the same options for housing as a WO1, according to the webpage.
  6. Send an email to the assigment officer, his email is on the RFO it wont hurt to ask. I emailed him trying to get an earlier class date for no specific reason and he was trying to help me but since im overseas they had changed my DEROS already and couldnt change it again. Wnt hurt to ask
  7. Yea its going to be interesting but dont count on it getting you physically prepared as much as you think it will. Also, i hear they pick alot on guys going to WOCS right after so just keep your head up.
  8. Hello, i am active duty and will be at wocs class 19-20. Time cant go fast enough
  9. Just checked email: 19-020 class Report: 2019 aug 27 See you guys there.
  10. A source told me to keep an eye out for class reservation email between feb 25 and march 4. Im hoping sooner.
  11. AGE: 28 GT: 115 SIFT: 55 APFT: 297 EDUCATION: 127 college credits MOS: 15G aircraft structural repairer FLIGHT: none LORs: CW4 brigade MTP/ O-3/ 0-5 WAIVER: Moral for dismissed dui before joining the Army - Approved week before the board. Was told I had strong NCOERS, ,Resume and LORs SELECTED: yes, January 2019 board (first look)
  12. Only got the congratulations email eith instructions to what happens next. Still waiting on class date.
  13. List is out now. Congrats to the ones that made it.
  14. Hello everyone, I submitted my packet 3 weeks ago for the January board. Now on to wait and hope for the best. Wish everyone good luck. Age: 28 Status: Active Duty, Army on year 5. E-5 Aircraft Structural repair/ aviation GT Score: 115 SIFT: 55 APFT: 297 LOR's: Company CDR, Bat CDR, Bat chief Warrant/MTP College: 129 College Credits 3.55 GPA Flight: None Physical : stamped and approved
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