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  1. Thanks but probably 5 mins after I typed my post asking about the email I got the email. I was NC-NS. So now I have to think my next path forward.
  2. Have you guys received your email yet from USAREC saying if you were accepted or not? Or has everyone been finding out through their recruiter so far? On the Nov board I found out through my recruiter but I also got an email 3 days after the board met telling me I wasn't selected. Today is the 3rd day for the Jan board. The reason I ask is because I still haven't gotten an email and I don't have a recruiter currently, so I can't check the list. I applied as a civ. For reason I don't have recruiter see:
  3. So you're saying that there were 20 applicants that were under the age of 25? Do you know how many applicants there were total on this board? In November there were 47 applicants and they selected 20 from the civilian board, about 42% selection rate. I wonder if they count prior flight experience as having a PPL just for abbreviating the stats report.
  4. Did your recruiter call you, or did you get an email?
  5. People told me it was pointless to try to even join the military because I have a heart murmur, yet alone trying to get flight qualified. I got waivers for both and passed my flight physical. I'm at the last step, which is waiting to hear the good or bad news on getting selected. Do everything in your power to improve your packet for the March board. Revise your essay, get better LORs from some aviators if possible. Improve your APFT if you can. Maybe take a few flight hours if you can afford it. The point is, KEEP TRYING.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Did you get an email yet, or did your recruiter let you know? Also Ampdddd is 100% correct. A lot of people on here were FQ-NS on their first look. Don't give up.
  7. The Nov. board met on the 18th, and I got an email on Nov 21st. So typically 3 days. Expect to see something starting maybe tomorrow or the 16th Best of luck to us all.
  8. Well USAREC G3 Special Programs and boards has been handling my civilian packet. I used the contact information given that was listed on the email that you get when you're FQ-NS the first time. I don't think it matters what division handles your packet as long as your packet gets to the right place, in the right category, on time with all the correct and updated information.
  9. I ended up getting everything squared away. The flight doc just gave me another look over and said I was good to go and since there were no changes from my earlier physical, it was re-certified.
  10. USAREC definitely handles civilian packets. It is a USAREC person that sends out the emails informing people is they are FQ-S or FQ-NS and what the next steps are.
  11. UPDATE: I was able to get everything sorted out, by speaking to USAREC directly. I sent my updates directly to them and they assured me they will be included in my packet for 2nd look. Great relief. Good luck to my fellow January applicants.
  12. Thanks for all the info and advice guys. I got an email yesterday from SFC Hoefling who is the WOFT liaison. He informed that if I request my packet be taken off the Jan board then I would be forgoing my second look and would have to wait 1 year before I could reapply. I immediately sent him a reply email explaining the situation. I just tried calling him this morning but he didn't pick up. I'll try again later today. Hopefully things will work out for me. As for finding a new recruiter, I have a scheduled meeting with one this Friday. Luckily I live in Virginia so all recruiting stations will go to the FT Lee MEPS so I won't need to get new MEPS paperwork.
  13. I already sent an email to the USAREC board asking to take my packet off the list for the January board. The update deadline is Monday and I won't have enough time to find a new recruiter and take a new APFT by then. So now I'm shooting for the March board for my 2nd look. I'm channeling my anger towards my former recruiters into constructive workouts and will be revising my essay and getting as much flight time as I can by the update deadline for the March board.
  14. I thought my essay was good. But I have been reworking it everyday this week. As for my LORs, I got a retired 3 star admiral that I know well, his son and I were roommates, I had a family friend who was a naval intel officer, I had an Army reserve JAG officer and I got met with my congressman and got a letter from him. I took a new DA photo, and had made revisions to my resume too. The only things I planned on being the same in my resubmit were my GT Asvab, LORs and GPA, everything else was going to be updated.
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