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  1. Can someone who was selected as active duty send me their resume please. I dont understand why I wasnt selected
  2. Thanks brother but Im looking for someone who is active duty ang got selected.
  3. Can anyone whos active duty that got selected send me their resume Im not sure what I did wrong to be FQ-NS select for two board.
  4. Second time none select. Now I wait a year before I can resubmit.
  5. This was put out to the current warrant officers. The guys who would be writing your Senior Warrant Officer lor.
  6. Grammar errors are something they really look at especially in the resume and lors.
  7. Im just they wil mine took about 4-6 for 3 waivers on the last board.
  8. If someone has access to the list right now can you please check for a kevin satcher Thanks. Asking for a friend.
  9. I was FQ-NS all my waivers were approved. Did you apply for the last board?
  10. Made this new topic for everyone who is applying for the March board. I didnt get selected on the January board but Ill submit some updates and see how it goes. My stats are as follows AGE: 26 ASVAB GT: 113 SIFT: 48 APFT: 283 EDUCATION: 28 Credits throughs AS in GS FLIGHT: None LORS: O-2 with Assumption of Command Orders , O-5, CW5 OTHER INFO: Active Duty, E-6, 13F, 6 years TIS PHYSICAL: Stamped and Approved WAIVERS: 3 Moral Waivers Good luck everyone
  11. Thanks brother hopefully well get it next board. Congratulations to everyone who made it
  12. Lol right when I go out to do something the list comes out. Can someone please check if my name is on there Willy Vasquez
  13. Yes it is. Id rather go to woft but well see if I get selected. It might just get me to come back a little earlier for school
  14. Do you know a SFC Cruz down there? Im suppose to deploy on a 9 month rotation to Europe hopefully that doesnt affect anything if I was to be selected.
  15. Lol say goodbye to the fun once you finish your fire support time hopefully we both get selected. Where you stationed at
  16. I messaged my recruiter and he told me the list should be out NLT Friday.
  17. I been trying to submit since the last board but getting a SWO lor took me longer then I expected.
  18. Congratulations brother. Ive seen you on the Sept or Nov board forum are you on your 2nd board?
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