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  1. Same here. I just checked, my conditional release was approved Sept 2018 but it still took me 10 months to get all the ducks in a row before finally getting the stamp of approval for the July 2019 board. Similar to the Coastie above, if I don't get a early enough class date, I'll have to get a conditional release extension also. Good luck!
  2. How does that affect those that need to go through Basic? Would we get earlier class dates for Basic that line up with WOCS in April or would we go to Basic in April and WOCS delayed til after? Thanks!
  3. Mine told me the list isn't out yet. The wait continues.
  4. As a fellow AF E5 applicant for the July board, I would also like to know what Basic will be like for us.
  5. No waivers, just poor communication for a bit with my recruiter. I ended up calling a recruiter from a different region and they looked it up and gave me the "board ready" over the phone.
  6. Hello fellow Air Force! I submitted updates and corrections about 3 weeks ago and am still waiting on board ready status. I've emailed two different region recruiters and have not heard anything back.
  7. How long did it take to get notified "board ready". I sent in my corrections and updates about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything except it's been sent to USAREC pending qualification, which is the message I got when I submitted the updates. I've emailed my recruiter but again, haven't heard back. Just starting to get curious if I should be more vocal or reach out to a different recruiter. Thanks.
  8. I love seeing how completely random these orders always are. What goes first in one selection doesn't go first in another. Really shows the diversity of the field.
  9. I was going for the May board but now feel I’m going to miss the deadline. I must now find a new CW LOR due to scheduling conflicts and a lot of phone and email tag over the last month, but any advice or feedback would be welcomed as I get ready for the next board. Air Force Applicant Age: 30 ASVAB/GT: 96/134 SIFT: 58 APFT: TBD – scheduled for last minute as this will be my weak link. Any feedback on where this has to be to have a shot? Flight Physical: Stamped no waivers Education: 1 Bachelors, 1 Associates, CCAF – average GPA’s nothing special Mil: E-5, 6 years TIS, top marks on EPR's LORs: 0-4 and 0-6 both Army. Having to find new CW as my first one had scheduling conflicts. Waivers: none Once APFT is done this week, I will only be one LOR away from board ready. However, if I do miss the deadline I'll probably retake it again in April to get my numbers up. Good luck to everyone this go around!
  10. Any recommendations for someone in the MD area? At Ft. Meade right now but I'm Air Force and my current plan is to cold-call Belvoir, so any recommendation is helpful. Package is at about 80% and aiming for the March 2019 submission.
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