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  1. Probably going to upset some folks but I just want to know the likely hood of transitioning a Blackhawk to an Apache. I got selected for 60s but I came from a 64s background. I would like to get back there eventually. I heard stories of people doing it from their days. I just wonder if it's possible now in this modern age of Army Aviation. I wonder if I could do it if I re up since I'm still on the 6 year ADSO instead of the 10 year. Any Advice or suggestions. Or telling me it's not going to happen. Thanks
  2. I'm confused, what's the new process for selection?
  3. If you're referring to your DL classes, I gotten an email saying Oct 10th.
  4. What were selection results when you got to choose?
  5. What were selection results when you got to choose?
  6. Does anyone have a good pt schedule during flight school and how did you manage studying after hours?
  7. I heard that by the time, I go to flight school. That it's going to be mostly 72s and the 67s will be for foreign students. Oh I'm interested in that folder too.
  8. Anyone in this class get their slot while on the waiting list?
  9. For how long were you on the waiting list ? Did they allow you to do the DL classes early?
  10. Do y'all think it's possible to get an earlier class date?
  11. What's the latest selection results? I heard it was 1x47, 2x64 and the rest Blackhawks.
  12. Is any one here that is military and got FQ-NS from the January board? If so did you update your packet at all or left it alone?
  13. Are any of the specialists who gotten selected on here? I want to compare notes.
  14. How did you hear the AD selections come out next week?
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