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  1. What is life like in the guard vs. active duty as an Army aviator? Which one is better in your opinion?
  2. I am 17 and starting college in a few months. I almost have my private pilot's license and I will be going to college to study aviation. Would it be appropriate to call him now, or should I wait?
  3. Oh okay, being from Arizona, California seems like a good state to look into. Is street to seat an option in California? Additionally, what are the airframes in California?
  4. Is it possible to apply for WOFT through the National Guard in states other than the one you live in? I know for the Air National Guard you can apply to any unit in the nation. If this is possible, which states generally allow street to seat? Thanks
  5. Thank you all for your replies! I am gearing my questions more specifically towards the AZ national guard. Is there any info you guys could give me on that?
  6. I'm currently a freshman in college majoring in aviation. As part of the degree, I will get all my ratings up to CFI/CFII/MEI and I have already completed my private pilot's license. My goal after college is to get a pilot slot in the Army National Guard. I've looked into the ANG a lot, but I am more interested in flying helicopters. Here are my questions: 1. How much more competitive will I be if I already have all my civilian ratings (fixed wing)? 2. I realize a bachelor's degree is not required, however, how much of an added advantage is it? 3. Is the process for rushing units and getting a flight slot the same as the ANG? 4. Is it more competitive to get a flight slot in the Air National Guard or the Army National Guard? 5. How is being a warrant officer in the Army compared to being an officer in the air force? 6. How many days a month do pilots work in the Army National Guard? How much of the work is flying? 7. How often are deployments and how long are they? 8. Is the Army National Guard a good job to have along with the airlines likes the Air National Guard? Thanks!
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