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  1. Anyone interested in sharing a house on base with me starting at the end of March? DM me for details. Thank you.
  2. I’m in the same boat! We’re probably in the same class, 21-04? Just found out last week I’m going, no milsuite, no blackboard. Found out through Facebook that report date was earlier than I was told. It’s been great!
  3. Hey Crash, I’m a prior service Marine going to WOCS in January. Which class are you in?
  4. Where do most students seem to struggle/get washed out? WOCS, WOBC, SERE, Common Core, Advanced? I’ll be going as Geo-Bachelor, where do most of them live on base/off base?
  5. Hey mike0331, Im getting ready to do the state board with the NV ARNG. Assuming Im selected, what does the process look like from there? I know its different per state, but generally speaking, if youre selected by the state does the FEDREC board just pencil whip your package? Did you have any waivers? I have one, an age waiver, how does that effect the process?
  6. Good afternoon, Im anxiously waiting to take the SIFT this Thursday the 30th. This forum has been a great asset in helping me study. I know that the math formulas are provided, however I havent read definitively if the formulas for the mechanical aptitude section are provide? Can anyone verify for me what to except? Thanks in advance.
  7. Quick question regarding street to seat LOR’s. Since they are not being completed on the official Army document who should the LOR be addressed to? I was thinking “President, Warrant Officer Accession Board”. Furthermore what should the subject of the letter be?
  8. Hey singhdrewan, mind if I shoot you a pm? In CA trying to go NG. Want to hear about your process, and see your stats.
  9. Good Afternoon, looking to see if anyone has a good contact for a Nevada NG WOSM; or if anyone flys for the NV NG and would be willing to talk? Ive reached out to the one who is listed on the NG website but havent heard back. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Good Morning, I am prior service Marine and have began looking into a career as NG aviator. I recently read an article from the NV NG that was published in the Spring ‘18 stating the high demand for guard aviators. I was curious to see if this need still existed, and if so, does the NV NG have a “street to seat” program for prior service individuals? I’m also curious if anyone knows what the needs are for UT NG 64 pilots? I would be willing to travel there if I had better chances of getting selected.
  11. Good afternoon all, wondering if anyone has information regarding NV National Guard. I saw an article referencing their need for Aviators; (1) anyone have any idea how many they might need, (2) and if they are allowing street to seat due to the demand?
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