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  1. Am I the only one who found an eyebrow creeping up at the notion of "$10,000 down"? Whoops - apparently not. This little Netbook screen gets me in so much trouble...
  2. According to Ryan, there's a new CFI who's to be working the weekends... beginning this week, as I recall. Having the sole instructor tied up in administering exams to bus drivers seems like a waste of a perfectly good helicopter.
  3. Glacier also keeps an R22 up here in Anacortes (well, at KBVS).
  4. That sounds about right for an R22, but I can't recall a 269 auto where I didn't have to check the collective at least once. The nice thing about the 269, though: if you've got nothing better to do in the auto, the starter button on the end of the collective is awfully convenient.
  5. "btw.. I did give a couple rides before I had my checkride... BFD" My luck, I'd wad up the airframe and hurt my passenger... and, since I didn't actually have a rating for the aircraft, insurance would give me a hearty "F--- you!" regarding coverage for the passenger's injuries. Funny how you think about such realities when you get a little older.
  6. So does anyone know what happened to Jason and all the equipment?
  7. I started by fueling up the Bobcat and shoving some brush out of the way, then leveling and compacting a 60x60 square on the hill next to the house
  8. In all likelihood, yanking the collective in that situation would have exacerbated the situation even faster. Remember that his rotor RPM was probably not in the green; trying to get the bird off the ground would create a torque response which the tail rotor (which was also not producing as much thrust as it should) wouldn't have been able to overcome - result: more skid pivoting. If his MR was up to speed, getting off the ground would probably have worked so long as he didn't yank the collective too quickly (which would make the MR RPM droop and likely result in a nasty bounce and perhaps a rollover anyway). The main lesson in this one, which isn't as obvious as it may seem, is that MR RPM is your lifeblood in all phases of flight.
  9. Kev is correct: http://www.aaib.gov.uk/publications/bullet...62f__g_esus.cfm
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