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  1. Unless scoring has changed, check rides are a ridiculous portion of your overall score. The scoring isn't as standardized as it should be, but accept that for what it is and prepare heavily for check rides. Considering that, the pool of people in top 10ish of the class are usually pretty similar grades, due to a significant difference in effort put in compared to the rest of the class, so something as small as PT score at the end makes a bigger difference than you'd think. If it's a big deal, you'll do at least twice the work as the average classmates to get a couple more points on your overall grade, and still it's sort of luck of the draw.
  2. What is the downside to doing a WOFT packet now and going enlisted (if that's a serious option to you) if it doesn't work out? If the goal is to fly, you won't be at much if a disadvantage by being street to seat. Compare yourself honestly to others in these forums who have applied and been selected for S2S and see if you think it's a realistic possibility. The experience you get from being prior enlisted is nothing compared to just getting straight to flying ASAP, if that's the ultimate goal. You'll be behind in some basic army knowledge, but its not a big deal.
  3. I dont want to mislead anyone if this has changed, but my DTMS was an absolute wreck during the board, and I've seen first hand how poorly managed it can be. I actually had to make my own PT card since mine was lost, then simply had S1 update my SRB. I can't imagine them looking your stats up on top of the review of board packet, considering their small amount of time to review each individual boarding.
  4. Does the APFT need to be logged in DTMS for board purposes? I never knew you had to have 3 people to take it with you, but I've done individual PT tests for a LOT of people, all handled at a Platoon or Squad level. Arguably, the APFT was always just a piece of paper with some stuff written on it, I don't know what the Commander has to do with it. There were no questions to the PT card I scanned with scribbled signatures and initials in authorization blocks, and can't imagine the board would care. Obviously going around the Commanders back isn't ideal, but this seems like a problem with some pretty easy solutions.
  5. Your stats are all good enough. No offense to earlier comments, but I wouldn't worry about GT improvement or comparing to street to seat. If for some reason you're not selected, it's probably just a numbers game or you have some kind of negative records you aren't mentioning. We also can't judge what you wrote in resume, or how much you churches up your duty positions, etc., but keep in mind if they're looking at a stack of applicants, what makes you special? Remedial PT instructor sounds pretty lame, compared to the rest of the things you listed. Plenty of ways to highlight your performance and duties in a way that makes you stand out. Platoon sergeant can be because there was nobody else around and you were just showing up to work collecting a paycheck, or it can be you were selected amongst your peers as a SSG, and accomplished XYZ, improving not only Platoon but the Company/BN, because XYZ. As humbly as you can, brag about your accomplishments. If you're a dumdum like me, write stuff out in word in dumdum talk, then start from the top and literally just right click and check synonyms for the words you used for that extra razzle dazzle. Good luck, you'll probably be fine.
  6. I think I will meet the requirements by the time I'm retiring. I have roughly 8 years until that, and if I somehow manage to maintain even half the hours I've been getting since arriving at my unit I'll be above the 1000 minimum, but obviously none of the instrument requirements. Those hours being on the CBP page, not sure any others. I'm just curious if anyone had experience in the hiring process and any insight in transitioning to any civilian sectors. So far, CBP seems to be the most rewarding for the requirements, and I would imagine some of their requirements are waiverable. My biggest concern, like you mentioned, is instrument time.
  7. I think most people tend to discuss the transition to airlines, but I'm curious to hear of any good opportunities outside the military continuing to fly helicopters? From what I've read, law enforcement flying is pretty poor pay, or can be. I've seen border patrol paying roughly GS9 starting positions, stepping up quickly to 11 and higher. I would assume contract work overseas would also pay well. I'm just trying to collect ideas for the future, although I'm not even close to that point yet. Also, I fly 64's, so I'm curious to see how much or little that influences employers decisions to hire. I'd assume border patrol would prefer 60 pilots.
  8. LA police gear has a duffel style bag similar to the red rock bags for like 75 dollars, plus or minus a bit. Use the coupon they offer. Just used it at NTC and it worked out fine. Might be lower quality, but I can't tell.
  9. Apaches been rumored to be removed/replaced since I joined the Army in 2009. It's 2020, I'm flying them now, and still hearing the same rumor. Don't believe the rumors until you're out of a job haha.
  10. If citizenship and clearance are no issue, I don't know what would cause them to shoot down your packet. Don't worry about flight experience, they expect you to suck when you get here either way. Hell, there are foreign instructor pilots contracting at the school. That in mind, why the interest in the Army? Or U.S. forces versus French? Maybe most don't share my opinion, but I feel like your background makes your more qualified/desirable than a rich 19 year old who has been flying for years. Curious to see how this turns out for you.
  11. As a parent, best thing you can do is read around (like you're doing). Making phone calls, emails, etc. never works out well for the family. Warrant officer websites, Facebook pages, etc. will be a good place to start. These situations suck, but I can guarantee you he won't get stuck sitting around without a job/school for too long. Worst case scenario there will be a short delay, and when his leadership realizes they need to figure things out, they will do it all real quick and last minute. Your son will have a ridiculous amount of administrative stuff to handle that he is not ready for, but if he takes some initiative it will all get figured out. HHC WOCS is always a good point of contact, though. If he runs into road blocks I'd suggest calling them.
  12. Sad to see the ass pain never goes away. DS/recruiters never set WOCS students up for success. You've been in long enough to know they probably don't know what they're talking about (why you're here), but most people here probably don't have recent experience with the always changing process, especially mixing in covid. Second what Mike said, you're going to have to do a lot of work yourself to figure things out, but you can 100% bring your car. I can't see them shipping it conus to conus, so I'd expect to do a PPM.
  13. Enjoy, don't close your mind to other aircraft too soon. I went in wanting 60s the most and left wanting them the least.
  14. I know some people have hook-ups to get assignments prior to their actual selection, or adjusted assignments afterwards, but I'm not sure how that's worked out besides having a high ranking family member pull some strings (that's the only example I actually know of). Deployment schedules can always change, and there's talk of it slowing down overall also. That being said, "rotational units" are also prioritized, meaning you may have the wonderful opportunity of going to some dookie location in Europe instead of a combat deployment.
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