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  1. Where are you located? Best thing you can do is walk on a flight line and ask around. At least that's my experience. Medevac guys are always sitting around watching TV in their duty house.
  2. Leave isn't really being approved at all right now. There also isn't very long hold periods between phases. Maybe a week or two. Weekends are still available out to I think 100 mile radius.
  3. You'll be fine. It will not bring extra attention to you as someone said before, and you can work it out so you don't physically have to do anything to the animals. Don't even worry.
  4. Been 11 years since basic for me, but I'm assuming like @XIIGage said you can go to sick call for temporary meds. I've always avoided any extra attention (i.e. being that guy who went to sick call) growing up in the Army, but that mentality is not as prevalent as it used to be.
  5. Hard to answer your first question with Covid going on. WOCS is changing constantly, and the essays/distance learning stuff has probably changed several times in the last few years also. Connect to the milsuite page or whatever it is now, see if theres a FB group with your class already, and check your emails. The requirements will be sent to you, and worst case you'll figure it out last minute when you get to HHC (before you start WOCS). You might get another email from your senior TAC soon. Some street to seat people I went with didn't know a lot due to not having internet/email access at basic. Learn the creed early, though. You can definately have ibuprofen and similar meds, but you'll have to make a ridiculous medical ID card or something, which you will figure out at HHC prior to starting actual WOCS. It's not a big deal, just silly (which is how I'd explain WOCS in general). I think you're expected to bring your own supply, but you'll be able to go to shopette/PX on weekends for resupply.
  6. For different reasons, a lot of people "freak out." However, they generally always get through the school. You may have some fun 1 on 1 motivation to get through the scenario, or worst case you're recycled. Really just have to consciously quit to fail.
  7. To keep the feedback simple... that's good enough. Double check grammar and "army writing" style. " award-winning industry expert" comes off lame to me, but that's just my opinion. If you have time, it doesn't hurt to make it better. You did good at talking yourself up without sounding like a douche, which is probably the main goal.
  8. If you're single, the only problem I've heard is people having to leave their pets behind when going to Korea. That place has been snagging a lot of people.
  9. I used healing hands in Ozark. They're not bad. They seem super friendly, but they also are quick to do a bunch of additional "routine" checks and medication to drop a big bill on you. I heard bad things about the other vets nearby before getting to rucker, but afterwards it seemed like the other places weren't actually that bad. I used salon envy in enterprise. It's mostly chick hair business, but my wife got me in with someone there and they were awesome. Usually like 17-18$ for a male cut, compared to like 10-11$ for whatever you want to call the on post barber cuts.
  10. Maybe just ask to do it again? Those tests can be weird. I wouldn't try finding a way to cheat the test. If it's an honest problem, you shouldn't try sneaking through it. I would assume it equates to important vision requirements such as flying with NVGs or systems, etc.
  11. You should see some of the people skating through flight school. I know a kid who failed literally every single PT test (BCT, WOCS, WOBC, SELECTION APFT), has been late several times to every phase of training, and failed multiple tests. Still going strong. I've also seen very good dudes, who are naturally bad at flying, get recycled a few weeks with success. Besides quitting, it's almost impossible to fail out. The very few people who have trouble grasping the actual flying (not the hardest part of school) figure it out just a little bit later than everyone else. You're gonna be disappointed with how the Army turns out, but if you think you'll appreciate the mission/flying like @walkerman180 said, it'll be worth it. Edit: Surprisingly, everything you said you think the recruiter is lying about is true. Never said that before.
  12. You'll piece it together in a few weeks at WOCS. Several street to seat and inter service transfers have been with me for a while now and do just fine. What I'm trying to say is all the information above is great, feel free to learn it, but definately don't stress it too much.
  13. Is there not a way to get citizenship earlier than 5 years? Street to seat would be ideal, but obviously is more competitive. The contract length wouldn't matter, since you could put a flight packet in earlier (assuming your citizenship was complete earlier). Also, the aviation background would be kinda useful, but isn't that big of a deal. Depending on the MOS availability, I'd consider alternate career fields you would pursue outside the military if it doesn't work out.
  14. Riding with a helmet bag kind of sucks anyways. So I've heard.
  15. Nobody knows, and I've been watching people say stuff like "this isn't happening" hours or days prior to "this" happening. A lot of people have a lot to say, but you can only expect the worst.
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