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  1. LA police gear has a duffel style bag similar to the red rock bags for like 75 dollars, plus or minus a bit. Use the coupon they offer. Just used it at NTC and it worked out fine. Might be lower quality, but I can't tell.
  2. Apaches been rumored to be removed/replaced since I joined the Army in 2009. It's 2020, I'm flying them now, and still hearing the same rumor. Don't believe the rumors until you're out of a job haha.
  3. If citizenship and clearance are no issue, I don't know what would cause them to shoot down your packet. Don't worry about flight experience, they expect you to suck when you get here either way. Hell, there are foreign instructor pilots contracting at the school. That in mind, why the interest in the Army? Or U.S. forces versus French? Maybe most don't share my opinion, but I feel like your background makes your more qualified/desirable than a rich 19 year old who has been flying for years. Curious to see how this turns out for you.
  4. As a parent, best thing you can do is read around (like you're doing). Making phone calls, emails, etc. never works out well for the family. Warrant officer websites, Facebook pages, etc. will be a good place to start. These situations suck, but I can guarantee you he won't get stuck sitting around without a job/school for too long. Worst case scenario there will be a short delay, and when his leadership realizes they need to figure things out, they will do it all real quick and last minute. Your son will have a ridiculous amount of administrative stuff to handle that he is not ready for,
  5. Sad to see the ass pain never goes away. DS/recruiters never set WOCS students up for success. You've been in long enough to know they probably don't know what they're talking about (why you're here), but most people here probably don't have recent experience with the always changing process, especially mixing in covid. Second what Mike said, you're going to have to do a lot of work yourself to figure things out, but you can 100% bring your car. I can't see them shipping it conus to conus, so I'd expect to do a PPM.
  6. Enjoy, don't close your mind to other aircraft too soon. I went in wanting 60s the most and left wanting them the least.
  7. I know some people have hook-ups to get assignments prior to their actual selection, or adjusted assignments afterwards, but I'm not sure how that's worked out besides having a high ranking family member pull some strings (that's the only example I actually know of). Deployment schedules can always change, and there's talk of it slowing down overall also. That being said, "rotational units" are also prioritized, meaning you may have the wonderful opportunity of going to some dookie location in Europe instead of a combat deployment.
  8. What I do know: If you want to deploy, you're in luck! HRC selects your assignment based on class standing and your top 3 choices, with the priority going to deploying units. A lot of the time they will give you a location that is deploying if your top 3 is not. Don't expect MEDEVAC out of flight school. Also, a lot of people change their mind on what they want several times throughout school, so keep your mind open. Especially considering you really never know what selection will bring you. 60s are obviously the largest population, so you have a good chance of getting it if you want it and ar
  9. I know two people, prior navy and air force sere grads, who were bypassed last year. Don't know the specifics of their situation or yours, but when you're starting WOBC and they ask for bypass names make sure you still try at least.
  10. I'm not going to pretend to know the installation access rules anymore since they seem to change every month and at every different post. I'll just say this process takes a lot of initiative to get your foot in the door. Unless you get lucky and someone contacts you, it's up to you to figure most of this out yourself. Do some googling, phone calling, find out how/if you can get on post (visitor pass). Usually you need someone to sponsor you I think. If you can't, I always recommend contacting the posts medevac unit (Google their contact info) since there's always someo
  11. Where are you located? Best thing you can do is walk on a flight line and ask around. At least that's my experience. Medevac guys are always sitting around watching TV in their duty house.
  12. Leave isn't really being approved at all right now. There also isn't very long hold periods between phases. Maybe a week or two. Weekends are still available out to I think 100 mile radius.
  13. You'll be fine. It will not bring extra attention to you as someone said before, and you can work it out so you don't physically have to do anything to the animals. Don't even worry.
  14. Been 11 years since basic for me, but I'm assuming like @XIIGage said you can go to sick call for temporary meds. I've always avoided any extra attention (i.e. being that guy who went to sick call) growing up in the Army, but that mentality is not as prevalent as it used to be.
  15. Hard to answer your first question with Covid going on. WOCS is changing constantly, and the essays/distance learning stuff has probably changed several times in the last few years also. Connect to the milsuite page or whatever it is now, see if theres a FB group with your class already, and check your emails. The requirements will be sent to you, and worst case you'll figure it out last minute when you get to HHC (before you start WOCS). You might get another email from your senior TAC soon. Some street to seat people I went with didn't know a lot due to not having internet/email
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