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  1. Downloaded Aero and the website seems to be a pain to keep an updated account. I have flight plan go for approaches, but I'm in school and these IPs all saying it's pretty necessary to get Foreflight. Who knows, the one thing I've learned is you get a LOT of opinions here and have to figure out which makes the most sense.
  2. Is the $200 MFB subscription worth the extra $100 or is the basic all that's really necessary? Opinions?
  3. I used precious NCOER/award bullets, pulled out the nonsense and emphasized the useful information. Ended up looking pretty good I think.
  4. It wasn't (I'm pretty sure), but I've heard of people using it at Rucker anyways. You know what they say about rumors, though.
  5. I used an app called something like TinyScanner. It let me outline a picture and rotate it to look pretty decent. Alot easier than an actual scanner somehow.
  6. You'll PCS there, and the Army will move you there. Apply for housing ASAP. Just give them a call and they'll guide you. If you're street to seat you'll more than likely have a longer gap than others after WOCS, but generally you go straight into the next available class all the way down the pipeline.
  7. All my computer has is 72 stuff. Grabbed some 5 and 9 study material today.
  8. Looking for someone who's recently or currently in a 67 class. Starting in a few weeks. If anyone's got some suggestions on how to get ahead before we start I'd appreciate them.
  9. Late post, hopefully helpful AGE: 28 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 126 GT AFAST: 60 SIFT APFT: 273 EDUCATION: 26 hours into BS Aeronautical Science FLIGHT: None BOARD: June 2018 LORS: CW3/LTC/CPT OTHER INFO: "Strong Resume, NCOERs" according to peers. Who knows, though. SELECTED: Yes
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