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  1. would definitely love to see your essay would really appreciate a pm thanks !!
  2. Definitely not trying to downplay what Warrants do, actually was trying to show that I know how different an officer is from a Warrant and how they accomplish a different mission, use different leadership styles. It's certainly not a nock on them. I definitely want to restructure this, you guys made it first pass and that's clearly my goal, I told the story and intertwined my qualifications and experience to try and stand out from the cookie cutter essay is all. Any advice on how to stand out or is just direct to the point or like "cookie cutter" better.
  3. Than you everyone for your replies. I read a bunch of theses essays on here and a lot of it seemed very cookie cutter. Very much like I was a boy scot or CAP and I have wanted this my whole life please pick me. And maybe that's exactly what they want. My whole goal in telling a story was to trying to stand out and be different. I know in college essays it's all about the story and standing out from people. but maybe that's the wrong approach. Any idea on how to stand out in the crowd and be different? this is what I have just not sure its different enough, USN 2009-2015, Multiple deployments Bachelors degree in international relations from UPENN 3.4 GPA Private pilots license 65 hours working towards my IFR rating Currently working as a flight paramedic All my ASVAB stuff is in order scores were competitive based on what i've seen here. PT scores look good Medical should be good no medical issues or eye site issues still need to take the SIFT LOR are lacking a little, so far I have a congressman I interned for, a CWO2 army aviation, soon a CWO4 . But i'm still looking for a heavy hitter flag officer or CWO 5. This was a first draft so I want to make changes. Definitely wasn't worried about spelling or grammar just wanted to see if I was on the right track so looks like I have some work to do.
  4. Hey everyone, I just finished a first draft of my essay. I really didn't know what to write, so I just wrote my reasons for wanting to be a flying warrant. Any critiques would be really helpful Why I want to be an Army Warrant Officer I can’t say I have had some lifelong urge to fly, I can’t say I worked my whole life for this opportunity, I didn’t take college level courses in aeronautics or aeronautical engineering, I didn’t start flying as a kid or have any family members who are pilots. What I can tell you is that while serving as a us navy corpsman in Afghanistan, that the courage and professionalism I saw day in and day out from the army aviation assets that I worked with peaked my interest in the branch. But that’s where it stopped, for years it simply sat in the back of my mind, what if. I finished college and had a lot of opportunities in front of me, but I kept turning them down one after another, nothing felt right. I finally said to myself I should keep being a medic and if I’m going to be a medic then I should be the best I can be, I’m going to become a flight paramedic. And so that’s what happened I studied and worked and finally got my dream job. But life is not perfect and bad things happen. One late rainy foggy night in September the unthinkable happened and a helicopter carrying two of my friends and two patients crashed, killing three out of the four onboard. I had no idea how this could happen but I had to understand it, I had to coup with it. So I found comfort in the old adage when you fall off a horse the only thing left to do is get up and get back on. So I found a helicopter flight school, I called one after another asking, do you have any past army aviators as instructors, only one said they did. So that’s the one I choose, I knew from Afghanistan the best pilots in the world are army aviators and if I was going to come to terms and understand my friends death I needed to know I would be flying with an instructor I can trust. This is when I meet Dave, a short man, a quite professional, a retired apache pilot. At first I never asked him about his time in the military I figured like me he’d been on deployments and probably didn’t want to talk about it. But as the hours towards my private pilot’s license clicked away we became friends. We talked to each other. The challenges of overcoming deployments, the transition to civilian life, and most importantly what being a warrant officer was like. He talked about being the subject matter expert, the man the command counts on to get the job done. The one who holds the institutional knowledge of the organization and is responsible for passing that down to the junior generation. The warrant officer corps is not one that requires the tough hard line that a Coronal may need to lead their troops, but it’s one who can lead by example and can provide that layer of knowledge on how to complete the task, and the why it needs to be done. While I have overcome the death of my friends and learned to absolutely love flying, it’s not that which drives me to apply for the WOFT program, it’s the stories of my instructor, the memories of the warrant officers I meet flying in Afghanistan, and the retired Army warrants I work with now as a flight medic; it’s the drive to return to something bigger than myself and far more meaningful than a fancy car or big house. It’s the drive to lead soldiers and to complete the toughest of missions, to be the one my commanders count on. This is what drives me to be a U.S. Army Warrant Officer.
  5. So does everyone who isnt active duty army go to bct then docs then flight school am I missing anything in between? Anyone know what the hold periods between eqxh phase is? Im sure no one should go in with an aircraft in mind that they want to fly but is there one that is lacking in pilots right now ?
  6. So does everyone who isnt active duty army go to bct then docs then flight school am I missing anything in between? Anyone know what the hold periods between eqxh phase is? Im sure no one should go in with an aircraft in mind that they want to fly but is there one that is lacking in pilots right now ?
  7. Ow and i looked at the guard/reserve but the gaurd says they require you to go to MOS school and then apply it doesn't sound like a gaurentee in the contract. And my recruiter straight out said there is no WOFT progam for the reservse. Still doing som research on that.
  8. Thanks guys i appreciate your response. I guess alot depends on duty station to. I was overseas in japan or deployed the whole first contract so i know the rules are stricker on everyone when your not stateside.
  9. I've been thinking about it for a year and today i started my WOFT package. I'm 30 years old, Prior service (Navy Enlisted, corpsman assigned to the USMC) I have my Bachelors degree from Upenn and my private pilots license. I'm also a full time flight medic in the philadelphia area. My question to everyone here is what is the warrant officer and army aviation quality of life like. I'm not gonna lie being enlisted and serving with the marines was not a walk in the park. But i met my best friends and brothers on the deployments. I miss that the most and want to get back into that type of brotherhood. Are the aviation warrant officers consumed with the endless barracks inspections and 24 hr duty days at the barracks and all the f... f... games that the enlisted had to deal with in the Marines. I'm getting older, i own my own home, i have a career but i want more i want to be back. Is it worth it ??? Looking to hear from the guys who have done it, is it worth ??? is it a young man's only game ???
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